Tagged by Patt again for 10 things about me ;oP

Tagged by Patt again for 10 things about me ;oP

Tagged by Patt again for 10 things about me ;oP

thanks patt lol.. :oP took me awhile to think of some things about myself since i did a list of 16 back in february lol..

1) I’m a major dork and proud of it. It’s one reason why Darryl n I get along so well and together for so long (almost 2 yrs) since he’s a huge dork, too lol….and why Patt decided she wanted to call me Queen Dork lol.

2) I’m a pretty good cook.. My best things I make are pot roast beef, chicken noodle soup, sausage w/ eggs n cheese n grits casserole, baked macaroni n cheese and chocolate pie.. I also always try to make things that are premade taste better by tweaking them and I tend to tweak any recipe given to me too.. My mom told me one day she likes my roast beef better than hers lol. :o))

3) I took art classes when I was in grades 8th, 9th, 10th and 11th. Would have taken it 12th grade but the teacher I had in 11th grade was a major bitch that I couldn’t stand and not what I would call a real art teacher since she would yell at me for using my fingers to blend. Being artistic runs in my family..

4) I like to drink occasionally or when I just need to relax myself after being stressed out and will smoke when I feel like having a cigg or when I’m very stressed out to relax myself.. When I smoke I prefer to have clove ciggs (also known as kreteks) and when I drink I prefer wine coolers, vodka mixed into my cherry coke or Boone’s farm wine (preferably the snow creek berries flavor lol)..

5) I currently have only 2 tattoos, but want more, it’s an addiction lol.. One on my right shoulder blade and the other on my left ankle… I might see if I can find a pic to post later of them..

6) I have 7 piercings… 2 holes in each ear, my navel, left nipple and left nostril… thinking of maybe getting another ear piercing or my brow…maybe both, lol.. this too is another addiction lol..

7) I’m a short woman… 5 foot 0 inches tall… got picked on a lot growing up and in high school for it n still get teased to this day.. in high school a few of my fellow shorty friends n i would joke around about how being short was great n pick on some of our taller friends lol.. i sometimes wish i was a little bit taller, one reason of not always being able to reach things w/out climbing lol…

8) My biological mother did not raise me, her mom and her step-dad adopted me when I was about 3yrs old and I call them mom and dad.

9) I have 2 younger sisters that I know of. One that I haven’t seen since I was 2 yrs old that is 2 yrs younger than I am (long story behind that one). The other one is currently 13 yrs old.

10) I’m also a mutt.. English, Scottish, German, Yemessee Native American Indian (black Indian), French, Gypsy, Syrian or Egyptian (noone can tell me for sure since I don’t know my biological father’s family), possibly Indian (from India, but again, noone knows for sure), and possibly Russian.. Since I don’t know my biological mother’s dad’s family either, I don’t know much about that side..

and i don’t really know who to tag….so anyone that sees this n feels like being tagged n sharing, be my guest, but lemme know, i’d love to see your 10…

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