Talking Dirty to Your Man: Getting Started on Dirty Talk

One of the hottest yet easiest ways to spice up your love life and make sex something a whole new experience is talking dirty. Many girls want to experiment with dirty talking in the bedroom, but the biggest obstacle is often their fears – the fear of how their boyfriends or husbands will react, the fear of not knowing what to say, of embarrassments and awkward reactions and the biggest – not knowing what to say. Here is a 5 step guide that you can follow to talk dirty properly and make the experience something you and your man look forward to every time.

Step 1: Start with a ‘narrative’ form of dirty talk

The easiest form of dirty talk, especially when you are not sure what to say, is through narration. A narrative dirty talk can be a narration of one of these five things:

a) What you are going to do
b) What is being done to you
c) What is you are doing
d) How you feel
e) What you want to be done to you

Step 2: Sexy answers

You can start practicing sexy answers even before you get to the actual sex – say when you are chatting, flirting or when talking even in public. When your partner asks something, such as ‘Do you like that’, instead of a plain ‘Yes!’ you can reply ‘Oh, please, it’s heaven in me’. The important point to note is that your answers should be short, genuine and positive.

Step 3: Sexy questions

If you have a partner who is more passive than you are, consider spicing the sex with spicy questions. Your questions trigger positive answers and must not give him a hard time answering. Good examples of sexy questions are: ‘Do you like that baby?’, ‘Is that what you want?’ and ‘Am I doing it right honey?’

Step 4: Experiment new phrases and sounds

A major part of talking dirty is uniqueness, and this comes from your ingenuity and experimentation. This is also great because you will not risk repeating what he has heard in porn movies. Make everything new – sighs, purrs, moans, heavy breathing and talk phrases.

Step 5: Study your man

With time, you will know what phrases or terms turn him off and which ones do just what you want. Along with the sounds you make and the things you say, practice doing the things that drive him wild. You will realize that sex will not be the same boring routine but a fiery adventure that keeps getting better as you learn new phrases and actions.

Source by Maya Collins

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