UPDATE: This is the male, and his name is Tank.

This is one large Floof. There are actually two large Floofs that look nearly identical, with one being male and one being female. Depending on how they are sitting etc, and which one appears to be far more aggressive (which is the male)… it’s all just a guess at any given time which one is which. Slight differences in fur coloring, but not enough yet to distinguish them easily.

Assuming this is the female, let me quickly explain how the name “Big Lois” came to be the one I chose. The quick explanation is that the Big Lots here where we live had part of the sign burned out, and what was left was… yep… “Big Lois.” It became a standing joke that never seemed to fade away, and since this girl is definitely big… well, you know.

If I do get a definite gender on this Floof I will certainly update the info here to reflect that. And if it is the male… I suppose I will call him Big Larry. I’m probably going to owe my ex an apology a d explanation….

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