Tattoos For Girls That Drive Men Wild

Tattoos For Girls That Drive Men Wild

Tattoos For Girls That Drive Men Wild

Tattoos for girls have taken on a whole new look and meaning today. More girls than ever are getting attractive, sexy tattoos placed on their body. If you are looking for new ideas of tattoos for girls that will drive men wild read on.

If you want a tattoo that will drive the man, or future men, in your life absolutely crazy then you need to consider the following ideas for new tattoos for girls. It is not only the tattoo that will be important but the placement, the part of your body where the tattoo is located.

First, it will be important to make sure your body art work is done my a professional tattoo artist that has lots of experience. This tattoo will be with you the rest of your life so you want to make sure it is done right. It is okay to bring in samples of art you have found, but also ask to look at work they have done that may be similar. You also want to make sure the tattoo artist you choose operates in a very sanitary environment and has your health and safety as a primary concern.

Here are the top tattoos for girls designs today:

Butterfly tattoos are very popular. There is so much that can be done with butterfly art work on the body. The butterflies can be very colorful and can range in size. They can also be flying as a group and trailing to a certain part of the body.

Star tattoos come in a close second as the most popular designs for girls. Stars also can come in different shapes and sizes. They can come in different colors. Stars can also be trailing. Shooting star designs are very popular and have very positive meaning when placed permanently on the body.

Flower tattoos are always very popular for girls tattoos. The more colorful the flower, it seems the more popular this design is. The hibiscus flower seems to be in high favor today. This is a flower that comes in many colors and has a very playful and exotic look. Another flower that is often chosen is the daisy. Daisies have very significant meaning representing a free spirited person. If the art work is done well daisy tattoos can be very pretty and appealing.

The shape of the female body has many attractive curves and hidden areas that can accentuated with proper tattoo placement. If a tattoo is located in the correct spot it can be very attractive and considered quite sexy.

Here are top areas for tattoo placement that will drive men crazy:

The lower back area is a part of the body where there are very natural curves that all come together. The right design in this area can be very appealing. This area does not always show and is sometimes seen as a flash when the woman bends over. This causes the viewer to feel they have seen something perhaps they should not have.

The panty line area, or actually just above it, is another suggestive area for placement. This is an area that can be seen when wearing a bikini or nothing at all. It is well hidden most of the time and that is what makes it so appealing, because it can’t be seen all the time.

A single foot works well for body art, especially if you are someone that has good looking feet. This can be very attractive and enhance a great looking well manicured foot.

The side of the body tattoos are becoming quite popular. Tattoos that trail, especially along the side of the body, in the area from the middle back to middle of the waist line is a great idea. Often seeing something that reveals just a portion is quite suggestive and appealing. This type of a tattoo cannot be fully viewed from the front or back, but completely from the side.

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