Six brand new operas sung in 6 different parts of the opera house Liceu by 6 different women

A young woman steps into a bathtub and slowly sinks into the water for what may be her last bath; a mature female singer, avid for beauty, finds happiness only in the contents of a miserable refrigerator; an old woman fights against the inevitable by refusing to be taken into a home; a girl anxiously awaiting a phone call is afraid to leave the house lest she is left without network coverage; a young Danae, with a knife hidden in her clothes, returns to the basement where her father abused her; and a teenage YouTuber tells her followers that this is her last message before the end of the world.

SIS SOLOS SOLES is a projectof OBNC which unites six monodramas for female voice and instrumentalist into a single performance. It was commissioned to six different librettist-composer teams. While exploring the bowels of a theatre, the audience discovers, through a sort of intimate confession, the tales underlying the different voices which are trapped in their respective home environments.

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