Teasing a Girl Into Submission

Have you ever noticed how little boys love to tease little girls? It’s a ritual that has been going on since before most people even knew what a ritual was – and it has served society well for thousands of years. How, you might ask? Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, women don’t just love being teased as little girls; they love it as adults as well! And for any man in the know, the fact that you can make women fall for you in no time at all simply by teasing them into submission is reason enough to celebrate those early years of teasing as the perfect training for men who love women.

Don’t bother asking any woman if she likes being teased in any manner, including sexually. You’ll hear all sorts of rationalizations about how she doesn’t like games – though women play them all the time – and how she just wants everything in her relationships to be cut and dried. These rationalizations would be laughable if it weren’t for the fact that so many men believe them. Unfortunately, this tactic to getting a girl is an idea that never crosses most men’s minds. That’s too bad, because they are missing out on one of the best seduction secrets around.

So how does teasing a girl into submission work? It’s really quite simple. Teasing is all about mixed signals and misdirection. For instance, if you can manage to show interest in a girl with your body language – subtle touches, winks, and powerful eye contact – even as you verbally tell her that you’re only friends, you can affect her subconscious in a way that ensures she is attracted to you. You will so throw her off her own game that she won’t even realize that you are teasing her. The end result is that she becomes more and more interested in you as time goes on.

Most women actually become bored with predictability. That’s what makes this game so effective – she’s programmed to expect men to be predictable and she is subconsciously prepared to be bored with you – until you start teasing her. The tease disrupts her preconceptions and forces her mind to scramble in an attempt to divine your real intentions. By mixing the signals that you send her, you make any attempt to “figure you out” futile. That only makes her even more determined to understand you – and you’ve got her hooked!

Teasing a girl into submission might seem like a cruel game to play, but it’s really no more cruel that the woman who automatically rejects you because she assumes that you will be boring. In fact, it is not cruel at all. It is simply an updated version of the teasing we all employed as children – with much higher stakes.

For a confident man with the boldness to consistently employ the technique, it can be the secret weapon in his arsenal that enables him to capture the attention of almost any girl he desires. Can you be that confident? If so, you’ll enjoy the results as you drive women wild with a desire to know you better.

Source by G. Crandall

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