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Teen Loveline

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Welcome to Teen Loveline, where teenagers can call in and get advice about how to navigate this thing called love. I’m Dr. Jane Lovelace, and today we’re recapping our most interesting callers of the past year. Take a listen. . . . .

Caller #1: So I really like this guy in my math class, but he doesn’t even know I exist. Plus, I’m really shy. How can I get up the courage to even say hello?

Caller #2: I’m totally into this girl at my school, but her parent’s don’t like me. They really want her to date this other guy at school, and they keep pressuring her. But I know she loves me. We’re thinking of running away. Should we do it?

Caller #3: So I’ve totally liked this guy for a while, but he doesn’t like me back. Instead, he likes my best friend, and she’s not even into him. She’s totally into this other guy. How can I get him to notice me?

Caller #4: I’ve been dating this girl for a while, but she’s becoming really distant. I’m afraid she’s going to break up with me. What should I do?

Caller #5: My parents have been fighting for a while. I heard them talking about splitting up late last night, and I don’t think they realize how much I know. How should I tell them?

Caller #6: My parents are divorced, and they’ve been fighting like crazy. It’s starting to affect everything. I feel like I can’t even go home anymore. How do I tell my parents I’m being hurt by this?

Caller #7: So I took this girl to prom, and I really like her. But I think she’s more into me than I am into her. And she’s become really clingy. So I’m not sure if I want to date her anymore. How do I let her down easy?

Caller #8: So I was recently adopted, and my parents, who I know really love each other, are fighting over me and my future. My father wants one thing, but my mom refuses. Their fighting is causing a lot of problems. How can I make them see they love each other?

Thanks for listening. It’s amazing how these problems are so universal. Almost like some of them are characters in a Shakespeare play. Well, tune in next week when we discuss more issues about the hearts for teens!

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