The Absolute Guide To Online Dating – 10 Powerful Steps

To be honest, I have never met any model-quality girls on the Internet. Whether you will
or not depends on your geographical location. In some of the bigger cities, girls extensively
use the Internet. In my area, I have only encountered two types of sites: those with little
schoolgirls around 14 years old and those with women over 28. What I’ve been missing are
hot girls between 20 and 25. But, if you go out regularly and still have time on your hands for
surfing the Internet, you should try it out on your own. It’s good for practicing your Manly

Here are a few guidelines you can follow if you decide to try Internet dating:

Online personals:

1. I don’t recommend using commercial services. Try a free one and, if it works for you,
consider paying for it. Otherwise, it would just be a waste of money.

2. If a girl is hot enough and has her photo up, she’ll get 50 e-mails a day from the creation of
her account. Even if she checks it often, she will become bored by the losers after a few days
or weeks. So be fast when a new girl shows up online, and write to her instantly.

3. Some guys set up fake accounts. They create profiles of hot girls for fun to see how many
and what kinds of e-mails other guys are sending. This is lame and messes up the whole
Internet dating scene. So take care when you see a girl who looks too hot to be true; it
could be a picture of a porn star with a “funny” guy behind the whole thing.

4. Another story: There’s an urban legend circulating in my city: A guy logged on to an
Internet dating site as a hot woman and started e-mailing a lot of guys at the same time. “She”
agreed to make a date with several of them. They set up a time, and each guy had to have a
red rose in his hand so the “girl” would recognize him. That day, according to newspapers,
there was a big fight in the crowd at one of the biggest shopping malls, when 15 guys arrived
in front of the same cinema – holding red roses in their hands.

5. Make sure you have a lot of free time. You’ll have to check the new profiles and your
messages every day, and it can take weeks to get a girl to meet you using the Net.

6. Your profile is very important. Although girls get enough messages so they don’t have to
search for guys’ profiles, when you send a message, they will take a look at yours. You
should have something in your profile to separate yourself from the crowd. First, be sur
to have a picture of yourself. Many women who get 50 new messages a day won’t look at
your profile if they see you have no pics uploaded. I don’t suggest the use of half-naked
pictures and such. Young girls around 14 will love it, but perhaps that’s not what you want?!
The best would be something creative or extraordinary: you with your dog, you skiing or
you hugging or riding a dolphin during your last vacation.

Here is an example of some text for your profile:

“What is a real man like?

Confident? Knows how to lead? You feel safe with him? He has a sense of humor? He is
kind and caring? A true gentleman?

E-mail me and we’ll see.”

7. Many personal services offer an option to notify you of newcomers. Take a look at the
new photos daily, and e-mail these girls as quickly as possible. I don’t advise e-mailing
those who don’t have their profile pics up. You don’t know whom you’re dealing with, and
there are many girls with pics you can choose from.

8. The number of responses you get depends on the number of girls you write to and the
quality of your profile/messages. Have a well-written template message ready that you can
modify slightly and send to all the girls. Don’t expect every girl to respond. Some of them
will have full mailboxes, some of them won’t have time to read your message, some of them
won’t be interested, and some of them will be fake accounts. A good message can increase
your success though. Following is an example:

“Hi, Amy! If your picture is real, then I like you. You look like someone I should get to
I’m not the type of guy who is into playing games. I know what I want, and I’m not afraid to
take it. If you think you can handle a challenge and you’re ready for an adventure, e-mail
me to begin. Richard”

9. Try to meet her in person as soon as possible, and don’t waste too much time on any one
girl. Have multiple girls on the go. Most of them won’t take it seriously anyway.

10. There are online communities that you can use for meeting women. One of them is
friendster, for example. Some of these services aren’t specifically designed for online dating,
but I have a friend who has a unique style and has a lot of success with friendster chicks.

Source by Johan M Krost

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