The America Bully

The America Bully

The America Bully

A week in the life of an American Target, in the United States of America

It’s been a long week, and it’s only Friday, as I start this. I was hoping to work on this throughout the week. But, I have been preoccupied, by trying to stay alive. For Reals Guys, for Reals…..

Bare with me folks, this is going to be a long list of events.
My intermittent vision loss in my right eye, has been going on for over two years. I first saw the Optometry Department at the Fresno, California VA. I was told if it returns, to rush to the clinic, so they could see first hand. It only last a few minutes, when it happens. I lived and worked in Yosemite National Park, at the time. An hour and 40 minutes away. I didn’t get any answers from them, and eventually, was forced into early retirement.
I thought I did my research before leaving Yosemite, and moved to Grand Junction, Colorado. Their VA Hospital, was the worst, toxic and vile VA, I have ever been to (and still is). I bought a motorhome, adopted Koda the Magnificent, and headed to Arizona. From there, I’ve been bouncing from hospitals, to clinic; trying to find something that resembles adequate medical care.
On 11-9-21, I was seen by the Phoenix VA, Optometry department, they called in two doctors. They requested I see a Retina Specialist. I was seen by one, on 12-15-21. That doctor requested, I be seen by an Ophthalmic Neurologist. These doctors, kept saying, it’s migraine headaches. Even though, I never had a history of migraines, and seldom get a mild headache. I’m not taking about the Direct Energy Weapons Attacks, I receive. I’m talking headaches.
It took another four months to be seen, by a doctor at Barrow Neurological Institute. When I first saw that doctor, on 4-14-22, he was very dismissive, short, and went on the migraine headache spill. I asked for an MRI on my brain, he he told me there was really no need. I insisted, and had it done at the Phoenix VA, on 5-27-22. I told the Neurologist I would be in Colorado. He said we could do a video conference call, to give me the results. His staff and I, set up the date; knowing I would be in Colorado. The week prior to the video call, I kept getting text and emails, from Barrow staff, saying I have an in office visit. I’m in Colorado, they are in Phoenix Arizona. They knew I would be in Colorado, but continued the text and emails.
Now it’s Monday (this week), 7-18-22. As I test Zoom, for the video conference call; a Crop Duster, buzzed the top of our Motorhome. We are on BLM (Bureau of Land Management), lands. The closes crops to us, are about 5 miles south. Maybe someones growing marijuana out here. I hope I find some. After the fly over; gunshots, from the other side of a hill. 150 meters to our left. This time, it sounded like a .22 pistol. Not a high powered rifle. When I took Koda out to poop, or pee; we get the Village Idiots of Mesa County, driving back and forth, on a road not far from us. Accelerating, sounding off, their Big Billy-Bob trucks. One even zooms pass the back of our Motorhome. Gas, still at $4.99 a gallon. This is the same list of events, that happens in Arizona and Wyoming. The same conspired, pattern of events. A plane, gunshots, then soon after; the Village Idiots appear.
I get Zoom dialed in, and wait for my video call. The Neurologist, from Barrow Neurological Institute, in Phoenix, Arizona; was supposed to give me my MRI result. Well, the Community Care Team, from the Phoenix VA; didn’t send the MRI, to the Neurologist. They had two months to insure they had the MRI. I made many calls, month after month. No one, from the VA Community Care Team in Phoenix, returned my calls. I also made repeated calls to the Neurologist staff, at Barrow Institute. They didn’t return my calls. They did call me last Friday, to make sure I was set up for the Video Conference; even though, they didn’t have an MRI to read. Maybe, so they could bill the VA for it? Or, so the doctor could talk down to me again; telling me I’m responsible to insure they have the MRI? Or, maybe they are trying to hide something from me? Could it have been deleted; like the Secret Service Text? Never to be found, but many, many bullshit excuses.
This is what happens to veterans, that dare speak out against the VA. Or any other Government Agency, of the United States of America.
So, after the Video call shit show; I called the Phoenix VA, Patient Advocate. I told a man named Anthony, what had happened. He said he would start a case number. He gave me the number to the Community Care Nurse. She still has not returned my call from Monday. Today, is Saturday.
Now, that you may be a bit confused by all the dates; it Tuesday. The Ophthalmologist, that I saw last week requested a CAT scan, so I scheduled to have it done at the VA, in Grand Junction.
Because of the radiation, I couldn’t take Koda. I scheduled him for a Dog Day Care, here in Grand Junction, CO. I spoke with a woman in detail, after reading their reviews. I informed her, he was up to date on all vaccinations. That I’m a Certified Animal Care Specialist. She had me fill out an owners contract online, and said they would send a request, for a copy of his records. This was last Thursday; I didn’t receive it. I called Friday, spoke with the same woman. She told me to come in at 11:00 am, Tuesday, with Koda, his records and we will take care of it.
We are back to Monday night, just before I go to bed. I get this notification from Yelp, at 10:35 pm. It was a review that reads :
“We left our dog here for day care with the instructions of he does not need much activity, 30 minutes or less. 5 hours later we were handed a dead dog with not much more than a “sorry” from the owner”. (Name Withheld)
It goes on to say, he was left with a young assistant and died of heat stroke. This was about a facility, I used here, two years ago. This was an attempt at Gaslighting. The night before I take Koda to a new facility, just before I go to bed, I get this. This is the kind of shit, a Target in the United States of America, gets on a regular basis. Now, if that wasn’t enough to get your hart racing, read what’s next.
Tuesday morning we get up, I take Koda out to poo; the Village Idiots of Mesa County, zoom back and forth, revving their engines. We go inside, have a bit of breakfast, and the Dog Day Care calls me. The woman tells me, they can’t except Koda; unless all his vaccinations are on a Veterinarian’s Letterhead. We went over that, Thursday and Friday. Now, I’m being told, Koda can not be on their premises, because of their license policy, or some shit. Here it is, the morning of my CAT scan, and they throw this shit at me. Like I keep telling you guys; “I’m used to it”. This shit happens all the time. I can’t miss my CAT scan appointment that day.
I asked to speak to the manager (not trying to be a Kevin). She agreed, to let me bring Koda, review his records, and give him an evaluation. As we head out towards Grand Junction, the Village Idiots of Mesa County; set up along the route. We even had the Village Idiot of Loma, Colorado; driving in circles, at their Post Office. In his little Postal Truck, as we drove by. Maybe he’s “Going Postal”.
I’ve mentioned crap like that, too, in previous post.
The manager said, she called the owners, and Koda was fine to stay. I was concerned leaving him there, but I had no choice. I needed to have the CAT scan. I head to the Grand Junction VA, and was chased down and crowded, by the Village Idiots, in Big Billy-Bob trucks.
I get to the Grand Junction, VA. I have a guy cut me off just before I entered. Then when I got in the building, a guy in civilian cloths, steps in front of me. His job, was to stall me, so I miss the elevator. I almost ruptured a nut, but made the elevator. I received my CAT scan, with no incidents from the staff. (Someone’s been reading my post). As I walk out of the hospital; the same guy that stepped in front of me, by the elevator, does it again. This time he has a guy with him, he called him Bill. Yes, it was a Billy-Bob, and a dose of Gaslighting.
I made it to my car, and was headed to the Department of Motor Vehicles. I payed my car off, and needed to switch the title to my name. They weren’t expecting that, and not set up for me. While one of the staff was waiting at the entrance, cell phone in hand, a guy rushed up to the ticket window ahead of me. There was only him ahead of me, at the ticket window, and two people inside, getting served. He starts telling the woman at the ticket window a long story. She gets on the computer and takes care of his transaction, as the Perps start rolling in. I asked the woman if this was the ticket window, she gets snappy, and says “I help out when they are backed up”. They were not backed up, I’ve never seen a branch so empty. As she continued to help this guy with a registration or some shit, two of the staff serving customers leave. I get this a lot, too. It was mid-afternoon, not lunch time. This is a stalling campaign.
Here I am waiting, then there’s a big line behind me. There’s a kiosk, just to my right. A woman drops a dental floss stick, on the floor. It was the exactly like the ones I use. She keeps sliding her foot back and forth beside it. I know people drop dental floss stick all the time. This is a conspired act of Gaslighting. These guys know I’ very perceptive. Doing live recons, I had to know my surroundings. Once all the Village Idiots made it in, to mob me. The guy waiting outside with the cellphone, goes into a back office. I finally get my ticket. I walk into an almost empty service area, and get my title. It took the you guy three attempts to get my mailing address correct.
I go back to pick Koda up, and the woman at the counter; shows me and reads Koda’s behavior assessment. She tells me that Koda was great. He remained calm when approached by staff, and the dogs they use to test his behavior. They said he didn’t get excited, remained calm and he did great. He has had many, what is called a Meet & Greet. He always passes with flying colors. (This will come back up later; an incident with the Forest Service) The staff were great, once they realized, I wasn’t afraid to stand up for myself. There was a creepy guy watching us in the lobby, as we checked out.
I have my little buddy in the car, and we head to a shopping mall. I needed new shoes, my daughter is coming out this summer. I don’t want to embarrass her, wearing Dad Shoes. As we head down the road; here comes another Billy-Bob. He has an American Flag the size of his truck, on a post, in his truck bed. I don’t know what the fuck these people are so proud of. Take a good look at the United States of America today! Soon after he drives pass us, with a big smirk on his face; we are surrounded by Big Billy-Bob trucks. These are large pickup trucks. There is one on each of our sides, one behind us. Then a small motorcycle pulls out from in front of one. It pulls in front of us, slows down to about 15 miles an hour. The big trucks slow down too. The one behind us, right on our ass. It’s as if they know where we are going. I can’t pass the guy, on the maybe 90cc motorcycle. I can’t get over to the right lane to make my turn. I finally do. The truck to my right pulls ahead, so I can get over. He then slows down and lets the motorcycle in front of him. This goes on, until we reach the mall. As we set in the parking lot, the motorcycle comes back by. These are Baiting Tactics, in hopes I will act out in anger, as others record it. No Law Enforcement to be seen.
We go into a Target store (no pun intended). We get mobbed and blocked by a couple of their staff, and the Mesa County Village Idiots (I’m done trying to be nice to these simple fucks). I wanted to pick up a few things there. We then found a nice shoe store in the mall. I picked out a pair. A woman using her young daughter, tries to cut us off; as we headed to the register. The shoes were even approved, by the young staff at the counter. As we walked through the mall, we saw an Ice cream store and had to stop. I got Koda a scoop vanilla bean , and me a pecan camel, something. It was great, the young woman at the counter was a sweetheart. We had the little shop to ourselves. Koda, laying at my feet, awaiting every spoon I fed him. He deserved every bite. That was short lived. Sociopath Karen comes in. Koda, laying calmly at my feet, jumps up. Something has him riled. Koda starts panting, looking her way. Karen at the counter, getting louder by the minute. I ignore the bitch, calm Koda down. I started receiving a light Energy Weapons Attack. Koda may have too. We finished our ice cream and left. Once in the parking lot; we get the second hand cigarette, and car exhaust treatment.
Last year in the spring, we were in Arizona. I wanted to go for a walk, get some exercise in. We were about a half mile from camp. Koda was off leash, but stayed close to me. He then, hits me hard, in the thigh with his nose. He sometimes nudges me when he wants something, but this was a hard nose butt. It almost knocked me down. I asked him what? He sets and looks up at me. I said, lets go Koda. He starts barking. He’s never done that. I said what again, he calmly stands, turns around and starts walking slowly back to camp. I though, OK, maybe it’s getting to hot for him, so we headed back. Now, I’m getting a little light headed, as we get closer to camp. We were about 100 yards from our camp, and I blacked out. I remember seeing gray. The next thing I remember; is Koda standing over me licking my face. Yuk, he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I got up, cleaned myself off, and we made it back to the Motorhome. This happened again, in Wyoming last summer. This time he alerted me the same way, I sat down, drank some water, and ate a few crackers. I thought the last time, I may have been a bit hypoglycemic. So we took water and snacks on our walks, even the short ones.
I adopted Koda, when he was about 11 months old. I found out at his vet check, he had a very bad puppy-hood. I wanted to give him the love he deserved, and possible train him to be a service dog. I took him everywhere to get socialized. I trained him for city street crossing in Gilbert and Phoenix, Arizona. That’s where he learned the wait command; from the automated crossings. I taught him all kinds of verbal and hand commands. All he needed was a soft spoken voice and praise. People, that aren’t the Village Idiots; are amazed at our interactions, as we shop. He will wait at the end of aisles; because the Village Idiots, love to block and run into us there. He will turn right, left, pull our shopping cart, and lay at my feet at checkout. The Walmart Staff Haters, seem to hate him. Fuck them too, right Koda. He will shake his head no at me. When I playfully tell him to stop shaking his head no; he will do it more vigorously. He is learning how to say yes. Not the actual word, but it kinda sounds like it. Its more of a loud squeaky yawn, but it means yes. This is why I call him Magnificent. He truly is. He is young, and if something were to happen to me, I’d like him to go to another veteran in need. I get emotional when I talk about him.
Where was I at? Oh, the Village Idiots; that’s what I call the people involved in American Gang Stalking/Community Mobbing. Seriously, lookup the definition of Gang Stalking. It has run rapped
in the United States of America, but many are afraid to openly speak of it.
Now, it’s Wednesday. We get up early, but I haven’t been feeling well for weeks. We go on short walks. I’ll play ball and tug with his rope, trying to keep Koda active. I wanted to do some scouting for a cooler camp site. So, we packed the cooler and headed out in the car. The Village Idiot Spotters, waiting on a hillside, to see which way we go. He hit the highway, and head for the mountains. I wanted to check out and area with a big river for fishing. We headed for White River National Forest. As I’m driving down the highway, I get a call from the Grand Junction VA. I put it on speaker, have trouble hearing the woman. I didn’t know who she was, and why she was calling, so I asked. She said she was a Community Care Nurse, and they have my CAT scan results. She then told me I have major blockage in my Carotid Arteries, its serious. She said I needed a Carotid Endarterectomy, and they would have someone call me to set it up. We continued to talk. I said, that may be why I’ve been so light headed. It’s restricting blood to my brain. This can lead to strokes, and even death. That’s why, I have the small bubbles floating around in my right eye’s field of vision. I also have a large floater, cover more than ¾ of my field of vision, in my right eye. I also have a small floater in my left eye. This may have been why I blacked out last winter, and the spring prior. It doesn’t explain the gray (what I call a gray curtain), that comes and goes in my right eye. Or, the 14 years of Direct Energy Weapons Attacks. I continued to talk with the nurse about the gray curtain, that covers my right eye. The Phoenix VA, not getting my MRI to the Neurologist. The MRI, I had in Phoenix, could have shown blood restrictions, or minor strokes. I talked to her briefly about my experiences with the Grand Junction VA. She tells me that I’m in the 2%, that are not satisfied with the Grand Junction VA. That’s because of their questionnaires. They don’t allow for specific negative comments, or feedback. If you do send a negative questionnaire, you stop receiving them. She, and many don’t take into account; that many veterans are aware of the retaliation, and will be treated the same as I am. So, they don’t fill them out. I inform her of the staff harassing not just me, but Koda too. She said they may need retraining. No, they need to be fired. Any staff harassing and preventing veterans, from quality care, needs to be fired! Period! No one is held accountable at the Grand Junction VA, Phoenix VA, and from what I read; anywhere.
Anyway, I’m now pulled over at the Kum & Go. Yep, folks, that’s the real name of a gas station out here. As I continue my conversation with the nurse, I told her not to take what I’m saying personal.
I’m setting in the parking lot; a Sociopathic Karen, starts bending over, so she can repeatedly flip her long hair into the air. Yes, folks, this is a real Half-wit thing. They have all kinds of tells, and they will throw them in your face; just to let you know they are with the Local Village Idiots Association (Gang Stalkers). I’m almost through the call with the Grand Junction nurse, she tells me that Chief or Assistant Chief doctor so, and so, has been listening in on our conversation. She waits towards the end of the call to tell me this. Not them, but others, two years ago, did the same. I think it’s Bullshit, and unethical. Every veteran should be told up-front, who they will be speaking with. The doctor, didn’t chime in once. I’ve had no other VA facility, do this….
We happen to be in Rifle, Colorado, setting at the Kum & Go. My family in the Midwest, are still laughing about the name. Karen is now joined by Kevens and Billy-Bobs. They know I have to pee by now, it’s been hours. We go in, Koda stands at my side. A Forest Service employee rushes in. We walk out, and there’s a Keven, phone in palm, looking down at it, as hes ready to step in front of us. I tell Koda; stay close Billy-Bob is ready to pounce. I told you guys, I’m tired of being nice to these Bottom Feeders. That pissed him off. He rallied his Billy-Bob Buddies, and they surrounded us in the parking lot. While I was looking at the map, and my phone, for camping areas; the Perps set up in front of the car smoking, the Honey-Pot in short, shorts pulls in beside us. A Want-a-Bee, with a hand held radio, puts on show directly in front of us. Yep, another Stupid Fest, right there in Rifle, Colorado.
I decided that the sites were to far away from the Grand Junction VA, and we headed back towards the highway. As we do, the local Sheriff shows up at the circle. When we pull onto the highway; a Black Tahoe, with Government plates pulls up behind us, then slowly passes. (ooooh, I’m shaking). Not really, it was only one. I’ve had 4, before.
I stopped at a BLM office in Grand Junction, last month. I asked a young woman about Dispersed Camping sites. She gave me 3 areas to check out. We were headed to check them out. Remember, its only Wednesday. I almost forgot. We drive to the 1st one on my list. Its 52 miles out of our way, and no real sites that will fit our motorhome, car dolly and car. We ended up in the White River National Forest. No shit, I was looking at it earlier, but decided it was to far, and here we are. We get to the top of this mountain, stop, get out and stretch for while. It’s beautiful, but far from the area, that I want to stay in. As I stand there with Koda, here comes our fly-over. 10 minutes after that; two motorcycles show up. The people on them, all dressed in black, full face helmets, dark visors. I couldn’t tell their age, male or female. They zoomed by. We were headed back, came over our first hill. There was a big bull, running towards us, on our side of the road. This thing, as big as my Mazda 6. I hit the brakes, as I swerve left. The bull, slowly trots pass the right side of the car, giving us a stern look. No shit, guys. It was so surreal. Koda, nudged me on the shoulder. He wanted to go out and corral this big thing. Not to far behind the bull, is a Gray Toyota Tacoma. We do get chased down by cows a lot, too. Damn, cow.
We made it back down to a small town, that we passed on the way up. As we drive slowly through it; the Town Marshal shows up ahead of us. Drives up a hill, stops and watches us go through. When we came through it on the way up, we were mobbed at a station. I stopped for information. Those Perps, used their teenage kids to mob us at the register. I did get a fishing license, 2nd pole stamp, and a lottery ticket. I need to check that ticket. If I win, I’m not going to write for you guys anymore. I’ll be in Spain.
We get back to the main road we turned off on. A total of 102 miles round trip wasted. Thanks lady at the BLM Office. We head towards, where I camped a couple years ago. Nice and cool, trees and shade. There was only one person in the secluded camp ground. It was a Dodge Camper Van, I’ve seen it before. The spot I stayed in, was open. They replaced the fire ring and picnic table, with new ones. Koda and I walked around, went up to the self check in; to see if anything changed. I took one of the envelopes and read it, then put it back. I walked Koda for a few minutes, then we get in the car to leave. As we pull up to the exit, a Forest Service truck comes rushing in. It drove right over to the self check in, and parked. I turned around to ask, how long the max stay was. It wasn’t posted. As I pulled up to them, one of the guys gets out of the truck, starts putting eye drops in his eyes. While, overexerting the process. Shaking his head, then flailing the arm he had eye drops in. I’m taking drops for my eyes; this is another act of Gaslighting. He sees my cell on the dash holder, pointed at him, he immediately turns around. I rolled down the window and asked the guy about max stay days. He straightens right up, turns around, looks at the board, and says he doesn’t know. Then, stepping out from the drivers seat, is the Honey Pot. She’s maybe 18-19, dressed in a tight shirt and jeans. Not a Forest Service Uniform. She walk towards our car, a couple objects in her hand, and items bulging from her pockets. As she walked towards us, Koda begins a low growl. He senses something, and continues a low soft growl. I said no Koda, no; he continues. By this time, she’s right at my window. Little boobies almost in my face. I said miss, he’s a service dog, and something you have, has him reacting. I said it, calmly and as polite as I can be. She gives me a look, doesn’t say a word, and walks back to the truck. Remember, he just had another Behavior exam, for boarding yesterday. I didn’t tell the young girl that.
There was another guy stepping out of the back passenger side. She said something to him, and he jumps back in. She opens the driver door, then two other guys from Forest Service truck, step out on her side. They are in Forest Service uniforms. They are hiding behind the drivers door, as the guy with the eye drops is stepping on his dick, trying to answer simple questions. Once he, and I realized he was pretty much useless. I rolled up my window, pulled ahead, so I could turn around. The guys in the uniforms, hiding in the truck. Hiding like; our CIA Director William Burns, FBI Director Christopher Wray, and Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas. Hiding behind their positions and titles. Letting American children and people, fend for themselves.
As we left that Agency Shit show; I thought of all I dealt with, while working in Yosemite. Is this what you are teaching the young kids, you recruit out of our High Schools, Mr Directors? Koda the Magnificent, and I, unfazed, head out for greener mountains. We checked a couple other areas. By then, the local half-wits were set up at them. We headed down the mountain towards Grand Junction. As we got closer to camp, I ordered a pizza. I was drained, and to tired to cook. I ordered a Hawaiian Pizza, marinara sauce, not bbq, and two garlic butter dipping sauces. Koda loves Hawaiian, and we can eat on it for days. I double checked, to make sure they had my phone order right, before I hung up. We later pulled up, to the drive up window, the manager greeted us. She seemed very pleasant, I repeated my order, with the sauces. She said yep, that’s it. I opened the box partially to look at it, and didn’t see any dipping sauce. She said, it’s clear in the back. I said OK, closed the box, and left a nice tip. We got to camp and it was getting late. Koda and I were starving. I opened the box, it had marinara dipping sauce, not garlic butter. I took a bite out of the pizza; it had some kind of white sauce. It was fucking discussing. I called the place back, spoke to the same woman. She wanted to argue with me. I told her, I recorded the conversation, because things like this happened to us all the time. She didn’t argue anymore. I told her I couldn’t eat this, I would like what I paid for. She said she would refund me, and make us a new pizza at no charge. We went back, by then, the Village Idiots of Fruita, were set in place. We even had the bald guy, combing his bald head. He didn’t have any hair to flip, so he improvised. Really, I have it on camera, like millions of the other acts of Domestic Terrorism; aka Gang Stalking. The Fruita half-wit show was quite entertaining. Koda, didn’t even growl at the simple fucks. We got back, cranked up the ac, had our pizza and went to bed.
Now its Thursday. I wake up with a pee-boner, stand up too fast, and smash my face on the shower glass. It didn’t break, the glass anyway. Must have been that low brain blood supply. Fucking VA. Koda and I had a long day. I took him for a little walk, just back and forth, pass the motorhome. On the road behind it. The Village Idiots must had enough of their sociopathic needs fulfilled yesterday. Because we didn’t get a plane, gunshots, motorcycles or Honey-Pots.
Back to Thursday. Try and keep up guys. I’m the one, with the restricted blood flow to the brain. Koda and I chilled that morning. We watched a movie with animals, so he could ruff and watch with excitement. Mid-afternoon, we went into town to get some lunch. We were going to scout more camping sites that hot afternoon, in the air conditioned car. Koda loves car rides, and setting in his passage seat, in the motorhome. We get into Grand Junction, and are surrounded by Big Billy-Bob trucks again. They even follow us into the restaurant parking lot. We use the drive through, and as we pull out of it, we are cut off by a Big, Big, Billy-Bob truck (Pick-up). I get around and pull up to his window. It’s tinted so dark, you can’t see through it. I stopped, motioned for him to roll down his window. He reluctantly does and give me a smirk. I have to look up, because hes above the roof of my car. He’s a young 20 something, with a $70,000, pick-up truck. I look right at him and say “I just wanted to see if you were one of the Village Idiots”. That pissed him off. He blasted away, leaving me with a face full of exhaust. It was worth it.
Koda and I pulled over to a Sprout’s parking lot and ate our lunch. No one messed with us. Which I thought, was rather odd. After we ate, we pulled onto the main road, to do our scouting. Within a couple of minutes, we had a law enforcement car right on our ass. This guy was tailgating. This happens when I stand up for myself and Koda. Like Wednesday, in Rifle, Colorado. But, when Koda or I are harassed, blocked in my trucks, shots fired over the motorhome; they are no where to bee seen. Kinda like; when the KKK, ruled the south. You won’t read that in your history books, but its true…. I adjust my dash-cam, move over to the right lane. He slowly drives pass us, and onto the highway.
Koda and I make it back to our campsite search. We were checking on two more places, the woman at the BLM Office, gave us. The roads that she told us to take, were not on the tiny map she gave us. We passed some of the road numbers close to the numbers she gave us. The ones she gave us; stopped at or before BLM lands, and had no access. That’s 3 for 3, fuck me. I don’t know if you read one of the previous post. She was taking her time so called helping us, as an older couple (looked older than me)
brought in a teenage boy, to harass Koda. He had something clinched in his right hand, walking up to Koda, as he lay at my feet. Koda stood up and growled, while being in the office full of government employees. The older woman looks at the boy, and says “It’s OK, it’s OK”. Stalling, baiting, Gang Stalking at its best.
So much for our scouting, we went back to camp. I made a nice dinner. After, I started on this long winded writing spree.
Friday, we stayed at camp all day. I was feeling a bit weak. No boners this time, just fatigued. We both laid around, chilled, and I started typing again. Blood, I think, making it to my brain. I take Koda out, late afternoon, and a Perp Couple have set up, right behind us. The same place the Boob Flinging Mother of a Teenager, did last Friday night. They are setting facing the sun. It’s 100 degrees out, and they are facing the sun. They have a minivan, a tarp as an awning, Billy-Bob with his Perp Orange Tee Shirt. They had a tiny square trailer, but only large enough to sleep in. All they had to do was, turn their van in the other direction, to get out of the sun. They had plenty of room. But, it would have exposed their plate number. The guy gave us the stare down as Koda took a pee. We we don’t go into town, they come out here, to push our buttons. We went back in the motorhome, enjoyed the air conditioning. As they sat in the sun, watching our camp with a vengeance. Like good little Perps.
Last weekend, we had a woman camping right behind us with her teenage daughter. They 1st drove back and forth as I took Koda out to poo. I don’t know what kind of fetish these sick fucks have with Koda pooping? But, they love to harass him as he’s scrunching up to drop one. Anyway, once they did their poo skit, back and fourth, they left. After dark, they came back and set up camp right behind us. The next morning I took Koda for a short walk. The woman stood up as we walked pass, put her arms in the air, stretching her boobs out, in our direction. It wasn’t that impressive, rather repulsive. Knowing her teenage daughter was watching us, out of the screen door of their truck camper. Seriously, these sick fucks are teaching their kids how to bait, harass and be Bullies. Meanwhile; parents, watch their kids come home form school in tears, being bullied. Some kids, never make it home at all. This is the United States of America. Our children are taking active shooter classes in school. Some kids so bullied, with no help, turn to killing other children, as they get older. No one is going to give you those facts, though they are true. Like the mass shootings in the workplace, because of extreme Workplace Mobbing. The news media, won’t do the follow-up, and the full truth. It just silently goes away, being blamed as a disgruntled employee.
Saturday we get the early morning crop duster, buzzing us, just as we get out of bed. He’s back at it again, almost every day this week. I’d love to find that marijuana crop.
The sun-burnt Perps behind us left Saturday, as Koda was scrunched up for a morning poo. The guy, still in his orange shirt, giving us the stare-down, as he slowly drives by. Koda, let out a puffy fart, just in time. After they left, I took Koda for a short walk, back and forth behind the motorhome. I’ve been short winded, and don’t smoke. We stayed in, I played a little tug of rope with Koda and got back to typing. I took him out a couple time in the afternoon. Around 4:40 pm, the plane come back. I’m typing, Koda starts panting. When he want out to use the bathroom, he will nudge his leash, or bring his communication ball to the door. He’s panting, because something has him worked up. I asked if he wanted out, he lays in the hall panting. I know what’s coming; it happens over and over. I tell Koda, “we need to gather our half-wit gear”, as he stands at the door panting. Once we step out of the motorhome, some overly fat guy, shows up on a motorcycle. He’s decked out in white dirt bike gear and helmet; rides slowly, pass the back of our motorhome. He was hoping I had Koda off leash, so he would chase after him. Koda, looked at him like the idiot he was, I laughed, and took a couple of pictures. It’s the same skits, over and over. But, no one in our government, or law enforcemnt; actually gives a shit. Do they Mr Directors. Just like, when the KKK ruled the south.
It’s Sunday morning. We wake a little after 6:00 am. By 6:23 am, we get the plane fly over. I gather my Half-wit documentation devices, and Koda. We go out so he could take his morning pee. No motorcycles zoomed by. It’s Stupid People Sunday; where are they? Maybe they are at church; ya think? We go back in, Koda gets his morning chewy, and me coffee. Koda, hasn’t had much exercise in the last few days. I’ve been feeling fatigued, for the last year. I though it was a bought of Lupus fatigue, but now know better. I took him for a walk; back and forth, on the road just behind our motorhome. It’s close. As we stepped out of our motorhome; a high flying plane flies pass, on our west. 10 minutes later; the American Bully shows up. It’s the picture above. He’s rushing, to hide behind the hills to our left. Like our Agency Directors, in their offices. From there, he will start shooting high powered rifle rounds. Trying to intimidate us, so we go back inside. With these bottom feeders; its all about power and control. Koda and I continue walking back and forth. The American Bully, continues firing off rounds. I have my Half-wit documentation devices recording every moment. Koda, signals for us to head back to the motorhome. So, the Village Idiot puts off a barrage of rounds, just as we get to the motorhome. We go inside, document the half-wit show, go about our morning routine.
Koda, could have walked for miles, but he’s watching out for dad. He has been very clingy, for the last few months. He sleeps in the bed with me, and thinks he’s human. You can see a few pics in my photostream. I’ll wake, he’ll be laying stretched out beside me. Laying up against me with his back. His nose, tucked under my chin. I’ll roll over, he stands up, stands over my face; and starts smelling into my mouth. He’s trying to tell me something.
We took a nap around noon. Once we got up, I took Koda out to pee. As soon as we stepped out of the motorhome; the Village Idiot of Loma Colorado, starts shooting off rounds, just to our south. These are closer, and rapid fire. Those darn Half-wits. Again, as we start to go inside; another barrage of half-wit gunfire. The same exact events happened in Arizona, Wyoming, and now back again in Colorado. These are the American Bullies. They are hell bent on driving anyone from their communities; they feel not worthy. How are they any better than me, than you? They are protected by Law Enforcemnt, just like the KKK was. Like the Law Enforcement, that shows up when I stand up for myself. Like the Law Enforcement officer in Laramie Wyoming, the Sargent here in Grand Junction, the Department of Interior Law Enforcement Officers. I’m not saying all are bad, I have family in Law Enforcement. I’m talking about the Bullies that hide behind their badges. Their supervisors, that allow and encourage this type of behavior. They needed to be weeded out. They good ones need better training, better pay, better superiors.

The American Bully is running this country of ours. They are in our government agencies; like the FBI Branch Office in Fresno, California. They are in the Halls of our Nation. They are in our hospitals, workplace, schools, streets and neighborhoods. They are testing and using; Direct Energy Weapons on unsuspected United States Citizens. They are destroying the lives and future of our children.
Do I have all the answers; No. Violence, is not one of them. I do know, knowledge, truth and exposure; are powerful tools. Take a look, listen and read through my photostream. There, you will find the Truth. I am an American Patriot, I love this country. I hate what is happening to it.
I don’t want your sympathy, your money. I want you to know what is happening to this country or ours; behind closed doors. All photos, and content in my photostream, are free to download, print, copy and share. All I ask; is you try to share something with someone in need. Maybe to a local Veteran’s Organization. If you can’t that’s OK. Share the Truth.

Thanks for visiting our photostream.

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