The Art Of Begging On The Streets Of Mumbai

The Art Of Begging On The Streets Of Mumbai

The Art Of Begging On The Streets Of Mumbai

The worst criminals in this case are the parents who manufacture kids from a wobbly womb only to make them beggars .

What is wrong with the parents of these beggar kids ,I assume they came from the village as contract laborers , the job got over , but their desire to go back to their village had disappeared .. they stayed back may have tried to get work, it did not work out , they were homeless and when they worked for the government contractor he built them huts on the road ,, they did the same they built homes close to a mound near my house facing Rang Sharda Hotel..and this was some years back, seeing their dirtiness depravity , drinking open in your eye fornicating they were thrown out from here .. but they had learnt the most important lesson survival.

Than they tried their hand at begging with their kids , they realized the public did not give them much , but gave their naked kids much more than them.. the good folks gave them clothes for the kids , imported tshirts frocks jeans ,,but they sold it in the slums to families that could easily afford it , as slums is now a misnomer even the poor middle class live in the slums ,, be it Bandra West or Bandra East.

They now decided to retire from begging they had learnt a lucrative trade , no investment no loss ad no taxes perhaps greasing the hands of our incorrigible greedy cops .. but as they go other families from the village , it became a commune , they did not bank the money , it was not safe in their shanties , they gave the money to a local don presumably , he would return it with interest .. the Don realized the beggars were making a lot of money , he decided to be part of their social welfare , he decided to protect them and keep them at bay from the cops who were i his accounts book system known as hafta or protection money , he paid a percentage allegedly .. we all know it but as we are Indians we look the other way.. we the Indians promote corruption our system is all about bribes .. here I will digress you pay a bribe to get your childs birth certificate , you pay a bribe openly to register your house or stamp duty , they say some paper is missing and the tout says it can be done you pay Rs 2500 we did.

To get a ration card , passport , or another card not the credit card you pay a bribe , if a cop stops you for breaking a signal you give him something he claps both his hand and shoves the tobacco under his lips .. this is our national story..and even a hundred Anna Hazares can never get rid of it . It has entered our DNA our bloodstream.. we the living are perpetrators of corruption.

Back to my beggar story each family chooses a traffic signal it is better than begging from door to door getting your balls chewed up by Bruno the Bulldog belonging to the most miserly man in the housing society.

Some places you give part of your earnings as a beggar to the watchman and sadly the watchmen be it from Nepal Uttar Pradesh Bihar are badly outsourced .. and a few dont spare the beggar kids sexual molestation in the watchmans room is pretty common.. the beggar kid is not going to file an FIR,

And I can go on but typing with this single finger can be a pain in the butt ..all in all kids are the worst victims , pushed into drugs hooked become peddlers, beggar girls incestuously raped and with no fear as the kid that will be born is the gold mine .. drugged placed on the shoulders of a scantily clad child will bring in the loot .

So Fuck can someone tell me how they will remove beggars from Mumbai ,Mumbai might get half empty too.. Begging in India or Mumbai is a money generating cottage industry .. perhaps legalizing beggars , prostitution and corruption too.. the Justice department may have less cases , and less under trials and the saddest eye sore is that even the Law Ministry has not been able to give dignity to a lawyers profession as he solicits customers near Bandra Court it is an insult to see a parents money spent on making the son a lawyer gone to seed.

And I am blogger , a poet and read this epistle as the fucked poetry of life..and all this rant you could have not translated from a picture of a beggar child shot in 2007..

Last thing I remember, I was
Running for the door
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before
"Relax, " said the night man,
"We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! "

So to get more alms parents disfigure their kids , burn them with hot tongs ,break their hands legs , burn their tongue , face , make them bald , strip the girl child , and keep them hungry if they dont bring more alms .

I know a beggar who burns his childs hand and carries a prescription and begs I once got of my ricksha and tried to catch him but he gave me the slip.. he usually begs at Pali Road Signal near Sahiban.

And Indians can be bad too , you wont be surprised if kids are blinded and forced to beg the powerful beggar Mafia is capable of anything ,,and where do you think kids that are kidnapped go, beggary or child prostitution.. and we are gunning for the laughing ass of Humorists ..we go after a woman who confesses that she made a mistake but the cops dont spare her or even the vendors that sold the paper and than we have Paki influenced gent of Muslim origin who want the Blasphemy law saw they can send anyone to the gallows agreed some of our laws are so archaic like Article 377 but India is a secular country and does not need Paki laws..

Our laws keep us safe .. only if the cops could do a much better job and I know Mr Rakesh Maria is trying his best .

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