The Barbarism of Blood Covenant in our Youths in Africa

Those who have heard this phrase or those who have engaged in this form of covenant will wonder what this guy is going to be talking about on this issue. But for those whom are lost I will start by telling us the meaning of covenant by the oxford advanced learners dictionary- a covenant can be defined as a promise to somebody or a legal agreement.

With this insight on what covenant means, you can now in your mind eyes get the meaning of a blood covenant. Blood covenant can be defined as a blood promise between two individuals, whereby both individual pierce their thumb to bring out blood they their by either join their bleeding thumbs together or lick the blood from the other partners thumb, making a promise(in most cases male and female who are lovers) to always be together and not getting involved with any other individual and if any of the individual involved derails then they place a particular curse on themselves like the failing party runs mad, impotency, barrenness and the rest.

Blood covenant was highly practiced in the days of our fore fathers by lovers to stay committed to each other, because of the fear of lovers being separated by parental choices for a richer partner mostly for their female children. Unfortunately most people might think this practice must have gone into extinction but I must say it may come as a surprise to some of our esteemed readers that some of our young and energetic men and women still engage in this barbaric practice.

Somebody out there might say blood covenant it’s an expression of true love. But I will say that’s a myopic thought because if a male and a female truly and wholeheartedly love themselves then I ask why they would result to going for a blood covenant. By taking that step shows a lack of trust for one another because two parties who truly love themselves won’t result to going to take an oath that will endanger the life of a derailing lover.

Another person out there might say- ‘oh boy see wahala oh wetin concern this guy self?’ I will tell you how it concerns me about a month ago, a cousin of mine at Aba met a girl at Abia polytechnic they got talking for weeks and it got to the point when the girl has to visit the guy at home. He sent the girl the description of the house where he lives (the house wasn’t really his; he was impersonating my one bedroom I shared in a flat with a friend). When the girl arrived, she was a young pretty girl about 5’5 tall with a low cut that fits her tank top and sexy low waist jean. ‘Wow’, I whispered when I was introduced to chioma, that exclamation came out of no intention of mine, that is just to tell you how good looking she was.

After the introduction I looked for an excuse to let them be, I went to a bar few blocks to my flat to grab myself a bottle of Guinness stout with another cousin of mine. After about an hour my mobile phone rang and my cousin (obinna) begged me to come up stairs, I and my other cousin (chibuzor) ran upstairs. I knocked on my door and obinna opened the door, a porno movie was showing on my Samsung21 inches flat screen TV. My guy was clad on his camouflaged Tommy Hilfiger boxers and the girl was on the bed clothes still intact and her hair messed up.

‘What’s up?’ Was the only thing my mouth could say. ‘Bros, see this chick oh, after flirting with me for two weeks, she come finally show, na him I say make we get down, You know wetin she dey tell me?’ ‘No,’ I answered. ‘She dey tell me say she do blood covenant with her boyfriend way dey Lagos and say if she try anything with me say she go kolo. Boy I know believe this nonsense I just call you because say I dey your house oh because if Na my crib I go do am and anything wey go happen make he happen.’

I told him to let the girl be and when they both got dressed, the girl came to thank me for how I intervened and she said she wanted to get my mobile number I gave her my mobile number and I told her I was really disappointed that a young and educated girl like her will be involved in such, she was very open about her disappointment in herself and she claims she is frustrated. She claims she wants to be in a new relationship but the blood oath she has taken has always hunted her and she claims to be tired of the guy she was in the covenant with, and that the distance between them is even making matters worse.

She left that day not being taking advantage of because I was there to discourage my cousin from being ungentlemanly, if I had encouraged him maybe chioma might have attracted the punishment of her breach of the covenant. Chioma might have been lucky but they might be someone else who might not be as lucky as she is. Like chioma said she is tired of the relationship and wants out but how does she go about it and I believe there are so many ladies like chioma in this blood oath thing.

The negative effect of blood oath is immeasurable. Young lovers should not put their lives at risk because you want to prove to a boy or a girl that you love him or her. Time changes thing and the boy or girl you think is your life might in two years time not be your life any more but just a normal guy and you might have met someone whom you truly love and want to spend the rest of your life with, realizing that what you felt for the other guy was just part of juvenile lust.

People should also use their heads with their heart while in a relationship and they should also remember that nothing last forever. You might get in a relationship and engage in a blood oath with a guy or a girl and a long the way the guy or girl lose their life untimely and that makes the other party in a difficult position in their new relationship. Even when he or she gets married they can’t bear children in their married life.

Blood covenant is not advisable for young and I personally see it as barbaric way of showing love because it ironically shows hate.

Source by Innocent Obiete

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