"The Cycle" official Trailer

“The Cycle” official Trailer

October 10, 2009, HawkFilmz Enterprize and FAM Entertainment Theater Co, NFP, did something that no other film and theater companies had done in the city of Chicago before. Award winning fIlmmaker Parris Reaves(Ran$um Games w/Elise Neal & Wood Harris) turned this hit touring stage production into a motion picture. “The Cycle I” stars lead actress and producer Kenya Renee. This night out at the museum was showcased at the legendary Museum of Science and Industry in the historical Hyde Park/Woodlawn area of Chicago just a short stroll from President Obama’s home when not at the White House and is due to be released and distributed worldwide summer 2010.

This theatrical trilogy demonstrates how we form habits of living through heredity, education, society and friends.

This is what we call The Cycle.

Everyone has a story to tell therefore a renewal of the mind must take place in order to completely break the destructive series of life including the four women, one teenage girl and a maintenance man who come together at Bridgets house each and every Sunday afternoon.

This is not just a show its a thought provoking, dramatically thrilling stage expression that will make you laugh, cry, sing and dance with professional actors whose terrific talents amazingly display untold stories of overcoming difficulty through trust and sharing that touches the heart and souls of all who sees this play.

Lets come together and break the cycle

The Play The Cycle is perfect for:

Corporate Entertainment

Private Events

Fundraising Events


Civil Partnerships

Birthday Celebrations

*Suitable for ages 13 and up with run time of 2 hours with 15 minute intermission.

FOR BOOKING OR MORE INFO CALL: KENYA RENEE (773) 406-7663, fambreaksthecycle@hotmail.com, hawkfilmz@aol.com, robertsonkenya@hotmail.com

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