The Descent of Chaos ~ Multi-Fandom Fanfic

The Descent of Chaos ~ Multi-Fandom Fanfic


In this, Eve isn’t Selene’s daughter. She’s a witch that takes many forms. Some of which include Snow White, (Kristen Stewart) Queen Ravenna, the possessed girl from Season of the Witch, and Jennifer from Jennifer’s Body.

This is a fic vid that is after Harry defeated Voldemort, after President Snow dies, and around the time that Lucy and Edmund somehow travel back to our world, accompanied by Caspian and the others.

Everything in the world seems alright and happy. That is, until some scientists start to mess around with a certain top secret experiment that causes one of their patients/test subjects to develop strange powers. They call her a witch…but is she really?

*I may or may not create more video’s that go along with this trailer. Like more trailers for each character. 🙂 I may even write a fanfic about this! 😀
Oh, and sorry if the sound is quiet and sorry about the music changing so many times. I don’t have the correct software to mash it up and make it sound professional. 🙁

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