The Flex Belt Could Give You a Stronger Erection

Using the flex belt has come to have more advantages than expected. Recently, a couple of my friends who have been using it for about 2 months now were revealing to me something about it that I hadn’t considered.

The flex belt has not only taken away their abdominal fat and the love handles, but it has also improved their sex life with their girl friends. Tommy told me and Bob that after using flex belt belt for 3 weeks, he started to have stronger erections that lasted longer than before.

He said that usually, he was a “one minute man” but that time he was sure he lasted more than five. He told us that after a month and really keeping track of his performance, he found out that he was lasting more than 10 minutes actually.

Me and Bob called Dave, who is a doctor to inquire how this could be. Dave told us that strong and long lasting erections greatly depend on pubococcygeus muscles (PC Muscles). The stronger one’s PC muscles, the stronger their erections. So, we wondered what connection that had with the flex belt and stomach trimming exercises.

Dave explained that it was likely that in the process of firming his stomach muscles, Tommy could have in the process been strengthening his PC Muscles as well. Dave said he didn’t have the facts at hand but would consult and get back to us.

Yesterday, he called us and said he had confirmed that using toning belts indeed strengthens your PC muscles as well. So, I went online and bought the flex belt as it may improve my sex life in ways I hadn’t even imagined it could. Hopefully, soon, I’m going to be getting all the hot babes and satisfying them too.

Source by Clayton Nyakana

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