The How-To of Soft, Gentle Kisses

You kissed a girl. Was it good though? Did you ever kiss her again? Did she remember it in a good way? Did she mysteriously become unavailable every time you tried to call or set up another date with her? Guys, let me tell you. That first kiss is almost as important as the first impression she gets of you. The kiss you give a woman can mean the difference between a second date and you being the “forever alone” troll guy. So, keep reading to discover how to kiss a woman one of the two correct ways: slowly and gently, while touching her face.

Slowly and Gently

Unless it’s that slow, romantic style, then forget everything you’ve seen in the movies about a kiss after a date. Sure, it’s possible for that hot, passionate kiss that has you tearing at each other’s clothes, but not likely, especially if it’s the first kiss you share with this particular woman, unless the spark just ignites that quickly. Slow and soft does the trick. It doesn’t mean you’re gay, it means you want to take the time to learn the feel of her lips, to experience the texture and taste of them. Keep your tongue in your own mouth. Suck her lips slightly if the heat starts rising, but restrain yourself until she gives the proper response, like a return of the lip-sucking or a moan or sigh.

Proper Kiss/Touch Combo

Touching a woman’s face gently while you kiss her or running your fingers through her hair will most likely make her melt like butter. Holding her face in your hands can just make her get that daydreaming schoolgirl-in-love feeling. Do this and she will all but float inside her house as you leave. This isn’t the rule for all women. Every woman likes something different, but most crave that soft, gentle kiss that makes them feel special. Be easy and gentle and you can make her heart flutter. Finally, there are some important tips to remember, the don’ts of kissing her.

The Don’ts

First, don’t shove your tongue down her throat right away and in addition to not going French with your tongue, make sure you don’t go international with the rest of you, i.e. Roman hands and Russian fingers. If you go below her face, it should only be to hold her hands. Remember, you walk upright like your nearest ancestors so prove it. Of course, if she starts pawing at you, well, it’s your call there. Keep all this in mind and you will be a shining example of a good man in her eyes. Slow, gentle, and respectful is the key and if you’d like other keys to a memorable goodnight kiss, just ask and I will answer.

Source by Alyssa Curtis

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