The Humorous Opener: One of the Best Pick Up Artist Techniques Available

The greatest pick up artist techniques all involve humor. Girls like funny guys. It is a simple fact that the funnier you are, the more attractive you are to the girl. For this reason, humorous openers are very effective ways to put yourself in a position to introduce the rest of your pick up material. You have to have an opener no matter what situation you are in, so why not make it a funny one? Below are some humorous openers explained that will help you in the pick up process.

A great kind of humorous opener is known as the Child Support Opener. This can be a very risky maneuver, but with the right girl, it can be hilarious. You basically come up to a girl and say, “I have a dilemma that I hope you can solve. I have to decide which of my three kids I am going to send child support to. I have three kids from four moms and I have a huge gambling problem so I can only afford to pay one support for one of them.” This could offend some people, which is why it is risky. But, if the girl can figure out that you are just messing with her, you will make her laugh and she’ll invite you to continue your approach.

Another humorous opener is called the Secretary Opener. With this technique, you would come up to a girl and say, “I need your opinion on something. I have been having sex with my secretary for a few months now and she just informed me that she should be making more money. I think she shouldn’t get a raise for a year, but what do you think?” She is going to be very confused that you are asking her opinion on such a serious matter. You can continue on with the charade until she gives you her opinion at which point you could say something along the lines of “would you think differently my secretary was a teenager? How about if she was my sister?” Keep doing this until she understands that you are just trying to be funny.

Both of these humorous openers are pick up artist techniques that are highly risky. However, you only get out of something that you put in. So, the more risk you are willing to take, the bigger the payoff in the end.

Source by Jon Sinn

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