Since this is very much a family tour company, please let me introduce myself and my family.
My name is Roberto Miglio and I was fortunate enough to have been born and raised in the city of Rome. Many hours of my youth were spent in continual exploration of the more obvious Roman historical sites, as well as the beautiful nooks, crannies and little-known corners of the city. All of which to this day continue to surprise and delight me. I soon realized that my future work needed to encompass all of this!

During my 40 years of driver escort experience, I am proud to say that with my English wife, Caron, my son Francesco, my daughter Noemi and the rest of my extended family, that we havebuilt a professional and caring family business.

We proudly offer our clients a service based on years of experience and genuine love for Italy. By listening to your needs and desires we can effectively contribute to making your sojourn in this beautiful country a memorable one.

Italy is truly a “museum without walls” full of fascinating history, exceptional art and incredible architecture. With the expertise of our excellent local English speaking driver escorts/guides you will savor not only a comprehensive historical prespective but also the exquisite cuisine, music and the people that bring the traditions and the culture of Italy to life.

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