The Lion Queens – Episode trailer

The Lion Queens – Episode trailer

The Lion Queens – Episode trailer

Welcome to the India’s Gir National Park, the last refuge of the endangered of Asiatic lions. It’s also the home of a unique breed of lionesses — the gutsy and resolute female foresters zealously guarding these lions!

Meet some of most courageous, skillful and remarkably dedicated girls of these forests. Rescuing a lion stuck in an open well, healing a badly injured lioness with three little cubs in the middle of the night, retrieving away ward leopard from a farmer’s house or catching and releasing a deadly Russell’s viper are all part of their daily job! This perhaps is the only girl brigade in direct wildlife management of the big cats any where in the world.
Spearheading the rescue teams is an incredible woman forester, the 28-year old Raseela Vadhera. Together they carried out over 600 rescue missions last year, perhaps the highest number in any wildlife park in the world.

The Lion Queens is a gripping tale of these girls, and an ode to their unwavering commitment to preserving the lion and its habitat. The series brings alive some of the most daring wildlife action sequences on television.

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