The Lonely Road

The Lonely Road

The Lonely Road

I was walking down the road
it was very lonely
there was a light sun in the air
and pine trees surrounding me
where was I?
Not sure…oh well
I look to my left and there is a girl near a tree
she is very pretty
I call out to her
but no sound comes from my voice
I look to my right and notice there is a desert
what happened to the forest?
I look back to left and its night again
the desert sure is beautiful
I keep walking
how long has it been?
I keep walking
now I am holding hands with the pretty girl
it feels very good
we are surrounded by strangers now
how did we get in the middle of a city?
I look around and I can’t find the pretty girl
oh well
just keep walking
now it is foggy
its a good thing I am wearing a rain coat
When did I put on a rain coat?
I just keep walking
Its a good thing my family is surrounding me
when did they get here?
There’s the door now
I walk in
I have a family?
and the pretty girl is actually my wife
Not such a lonely road after all

By Steven Magallanes

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