The Nightmare - Quarantine Horror Short Film 2020

The Nightmare – Quarantine Horror Short Film 2020

A homemade short film we shot during this 2020 Lock-down season in extreme low budget.

Heartbroken and lost, a young girl battles with sudden sinister urges that comes in the form of ‘call of the void’ and in the process, she accidentally attracts the ‘Death’. A Psychological Horror with a slice of social message portrayed metaphorically. Watch with good speakers or with headphones for the best sound experience.

Writer, Director & Producer: V.G.Ravyn Manogaran
Cast: Vidia Liana, Logen Manogaran, Dhilip Kumar (voice) & Banu Chinnayah (voice)
Cinematography: The Manogaran Brothers
Original Background Score: V.A. Pravin
Editing & Color: Insanity Visual Lab
VFX Supervisor & Artist: Logen Manogaran
Sound Design, Foley & ADR: Logen Manogaran

A 2020 Quarantine Production of Ravynizm Entertainment.Inc

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