The November Man (Full Feature) by Basicc

The November Man (Full Feature) by Basicc

The November Man (Full Feature) by Basicc

Do you know why they used to call you..? The November Man? In Basicc’s words: The CIA isn’t just featured in this film like every other film, they actually steal the whole show. And you got those ghastly Russian bad guys in it too of course. The Russians always be raping and killing while trying to ascend politically. Total bums. So here’s what’s going on, a CIA official, who is actually working with the bad guys, of course because at least half the CIA works for the bad guys and the other half just does bad things. According to Hollywood anyway, but you gotta live with it because the CIA runs the show. Where was I? Oh yeah, so this bad top-ranking CIA official, Agent Hanley, played by Bill Smitrovich, who helps Russians bomb their own people in his spare time, comes to roust The November Man, Agent Devereaux, played by Pierce Brosnan, from one of the most beautiful tropical retirement locales you could imagine, only to send him out for a routine extraction in cold, mean Russia. Meanwhile, Hanley’s boss, who’s supposed to be the good guy at the CIA, Perry Weinstein, played by the great Will Patton, orders the death of the woman that The November Man is trying to extract. And who kills this poor, innocent woman with a sniper rifle? Another good CIA guy, who was once trained by The November Man himself, Agent Mason, played by Luke Bracey, who once played a bad guy named Cobra Commander. And he is one hot CIA agent that shut-in cat-loving girls with closet CIA fantasies are throwing themselves at only to get stabbed in their femoral arteries by the only guy in the movie we can call a good guy, yup, The November Man. And why does Pierce Brosnan stab her, just to prove a point about loyalties to his old trainee Mason who is technically a rogue agent BECAUSE he works for the good guys and doesn’t listen to the November Man. The beautiful Olga Kurylenko plays the main object, Alice, who was once raped for a long time by the bad Russian leader, Arkady Federov played by Lazar Ristovski, and she later shows up at his domicile as a Prostitute with delusions of killing him that she of course can’t follow through with, and then the November Man has to show up to save her again. And while saving her, has to beat his trainee over the head with iron beams until he finally gets the message that, though being framed as a rogue agent, the November Man is really a good guy and the good guys are really the bad guys, and the only real bad guys are the Russians, and so the fake bad guys can be changed into the fake good guys again if they see Russian Nationalist Federov’s admission of guilt recorded on a cell phone by the fake hooker he raped. Finally, The November Man and Mason team up again to save the November Man’s daughter, after Mason puts her in harm’s way in the first place, and they take out all the good CIA guys and leave the one truly bad guy standing. Does that sum it up? I could go on. The November Man commentary by Basicc, produced by BetterStream, edited by Peter McGrain.

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