The Secret Sauce To Master Seduction Skills That Will Allow You to Game Pretty Much Any Girl

When talking to girls, most guy try to impress her with content. Not just the content of their conversation, but the content of their life. Their clothes, their car, their job, their props they happen to be carrying around with them.

While this stuff is important, it’s not nearly as important as most guys think. Sure, you need a bare minimum of clothes, and enough money to get into the club, but when you maintain a super strong frame, you really don’t need much else.

What do I mean when I mention “frame?” To be sure, this is an often thrown around term that’s used on countless seduction boards, but few people know what it really means. The frame is basically the context of any event. It’s the meaning that underlies your activities.

Take a mom shopping with her kid. She’s got a list of ten items. Her “frame,” of the event is that she wants to buy those ten items and get out of the store with the least amount of difficulties.

The kid, on the other hand, has a completely different frame. Of course, the kids frame is unconscious (as is likely the mom’s) but it’s there nonetheless. What’s the kids frame? To have fun. To do what kids do. To learn as much as they can about their environment.

Obviously, the two frames are in direct opposition to each other. Who will win? Most of the time, the mom will win. But I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of examples to the contrary.

One of the singular most important things in maintaining a frame is to set it consciously, then take steps to make sure it sticks. Knowing that the kid is going to have an opposite frame, the mom will take steps to make sure her frame prevails.

How does this apply to seduction? The stronger your frame, the more attractive you are. Why? Because evolution has figured out that guys that are more focused on their goals are more likely to achieve. Girls pick up on this, and are drawn to them like moths to a flame.

During the majority of human evolution, all guys had was their frame. Girls that were attracted to guys with weak frames didn’t have so many kids. So what’s left are girls that are unconsciously drawn to guys with unbreakable frames.

How do you set your frame? What is the meaning of your conversation with her? Decide this before the conversation starts. A good frame is you are qualifying her, not the other way around.

Once she senses that you’ve got a strong frame, she’ll test it to make sure. Let her. Allow her. Don’t get rattled. See it as a signal. Seeing her “tests” as signs of attraction, is another way to maintain your frame.

Just notice them, acknowledge them, and keep testing.

Source by George Hutton

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