The Soon Valley, Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan – April 2008

The Soon Valley, Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan – April 2008

The Soon Valley, Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan – April 2008

The Soon Valley (Urdu: وادئ سون) or Soon Sakesar is located in the northwest of Khushab District, Punjab, Pakistan.
The Soon Valley starts from Padhrar village and ends in Sakesar which at 5010 feet is the highest peak of the Salt Range. The Soon Valley is 35 miles (56 km) long and on average is 9 miles (14 km) wide. There are some special features of this valley that distinguish it from other areas, without knowing about them it is very hard to understand its importance. Chitta, Sabhral, Khoora, Nowshera, Kufri, Anga, Ugali, Mardwal, Dhadhar, Uchali and Bagh Shams-ud-Din are important towns in Soon valley. Kanhatti Garden, Sodhi Garden, Da’ep and Sakesar are resorts to visit. The Awan tribe is settled in Soon Valley.
Soon Valley is accessible through public transport from Islamabad (M2 Balkasar Interchange), Lahore (M2 Kalar Kahar Intrechange), Sargodha, Khushab and Mianwali. It is about 2 and half hours from Khushab, from Islamabad you can enter in valley by Jabah road via Talagang. After crossing Jabah town you will pass through Ahmadabad, Khabakki town makrumi chouk and Mardawal before reaching the main Town of Soon valley Naushehra. Naushehra is the main town of Soon Valley and transport for all surrounding villages is available from there. For Khushab and other eastern villages main bus/taxi stop is Mardwal Chowk while for villages west of Naushehra Y-Cross serves as Bus/Taxi point.
Villages west of Naushehra are Sabhral, Kufri, Koradhi, Uchhali, and Chittah before reaching the Pakistan Air Force Base of Sakesar.
Villages in North West of Naushehra are Sirhal, Shakarkot and Anngah.
Villages in North East of Naushehra are Mardowal, Dhadar, Ahmadabad, Khabakki and Jabah.
Villages in South West of Naushehra are Surraki and Jahlar.
Villages in South of Naushehra are Chamraki and Sodhian but there is only paved way for these villages.
Villages in East of Naushehra are Dhakah, Mirokah Dhakah, Jalay Wali, (Uchhalah is not on main road), Sodhi Jai Wali, Kaliyal, Khurrah, and Kathwai.
There are many scattered colonies of certain families which are called Dhoke. Usually at every Dhoke there are 2 to 10 houses.
There are three well-renowned Uchalli Lake, Khabikki Lake and Jahlar Lake

View of Khabeki Lake from near by Road
in soon valley, which nowadays are effected badly and drained due to pollution and shortage of natural water resources. Malik is not a sub caste of Awan. It’s a title given to people from Awan "tribe". Kufri has also unforgettable water falls. Village AMBH Sharif is also very famous about historical places like some religious places of Hinduism. Places which one must visit in Soon Valley are Kanahti Garden, Sodhi Garden, Khabakki Jheel, Uchali Jheel, Sakesar and Daip Shareef and the hiking experiences of hills Anga is a village which is very important place in Soon Valley. Village Sodhi is very beautiful, a heaven on earth there are so many waterfalls and wild animals like Cheetah, Rabbit, Deer, Teetar (Urdu name of a bird). A beautiful Rest House always welcome to visitors.
Village Uchhali is famous for the beautiful Uchhali Lake, which presents beautiful scenery with Sakesar Mountain… People of soon are very loving, hospitable and brave. They possess very high traditional moral values and do not compromise on principles. The whole Soon valley is full of beautiful scenes and people. People have a great respect for each other thats why crime rate is very low there. In short, the typical village culture of subcontinent can be found there. Though people are not very rich there but they are happy for what they have.

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