The Sports Betting Cancer

The Sports Betting Cancer

The Sports Betting Cancer

I am sure you all have seen the ads for the handicappers that claim to have inside team information and “The 5 Star Lock of the Year.” You can find multiple ads for these services in the sports page of any newspaper as well as on the internet.

These services prey on a generally naive public and the quest for an easy windfall. Usually, these “experts” boast an incredible and unbelievable winning percentage of something like 80 percent. These unscrupulous remarks are the calling card of a scamdicapper.

Scamdicappers are a cancer among the sports betting public. They are not in the business of offering a service to their clients with wallet fattening picks. It’s really a simple scam, and since the client base is essentially infinite, it may fatten their wallets forever.

There will always be hundreds of naive gamblers. Some may have dug themselves into a huge hole, while others have dollar signs in their eyes. Desperate or greedy, gamblers call one of these professional con-artists for a free pick and a big payday. By the time the phone is hung up the gambler has wired money for a picks package that is “guaranteed to win.”

These imposters don’t even play their own picks. Like I said, it is all a scam and they make money selling worthless picks as a service.

The scam is simple. All the scamdicapper has to do is instructs each unsuspecting caller to bet on a different team. This is all done knowing that the callers that accidentally win will call back and purchase another more expensive package.


Four people call the same “handicapping service” the day the service is offering picks on the Patriots/Dolphins and the 49’ers/Seahawks games. After obtaining all of the callers’ pertinent information (name, credit card information, phone number, etc.) the service tells caller 1 the picks today are the Patriots and the 49’ers. Caller 2 is told the Dolphins and Seahawks are to teams to wager on. The service directs Caller 3 to bet on the Patriots and the Seahawks while telling Caller 4 the Dolphins and the 49’ers are the play today.

As you can see, one of the callers will go 2-0. That caller will probably be roped into an expensive pick package. Two other callers will end up 1-1 and only have to worry about paying juice. These two callers may be convinced to give the service another chance. To sweeten the deal and to put them back in the lottery for the lucky pick and a subsequent picks package, they are also promised another free pick.

The last caller loses both bets and probably a good deal of money to either a bookie or online sportsbook.

If you multiply these callers by hundreds or more a week, you can understand how profitable this scam is. If you were the caller that received the winning picks, the odds that you will continue receiving the winning picks are definitely not in your favor. Eventually, you lose any money you might have won with the lucky picks and usually end up in a bigger hole than before you made that fateful call. With the realization that you were duped, it becomes an easy decision to cease using this service.

If you have had an experience with a scamdicapper, you know that the service calls week in and week out. These follow up calls offer a free pick for a second or third chance. If the caller succumbs to the harassing calls and purchases a package, they are again in the batting order for the lottery pick that will actually win. Even if you tell the service that you are no longer interested, or you ignore them, they still call you every week or day offering you a new package.

This is when the harassment continues. Scamdicappers are relentless and do not take NO for an answer. They will hound you and a leave messages offering the Sun and Moon if you call them back. These calls typically seem to increase in frequency. In a month or so, you will be receiving calls from people you have never heard of or even called. To add insult to injury the sad truth to the matter is that these professionals often sell their lists to their colleagues. By the next season, you have three or four of these bums call you. The only way that seems to quiet the phone is by getting a new number.

I have firsthand knowledge of these tactics. Years ago before I learned about sports investing and was fresh out of college with a little money in my pocket, I became a statistic when I purchased a couple of picks. Fortunately I only purchased a one-week package, and I quickly saw the light. A few months later, I moved and neglected to leave a forwarding phone number. Never again did I call another sports service’s number.

There are, however, legitimate handicapping services out there that offer a service to their clients. These services only offer picks that their staff and themselves have thoroughly researched and are wagering on themselves.

If you decide to use a handicapping service, be sure to investigate and thoroughly research the handicapper and/or service. Be sure to ask any questions you want answered. Any quality handicapping service will have contact information and will answer any question you have.

Source by Frank Benjamin

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