The Utterly Immoral and Unnatural Perversions of the LGBT Movement

Have you ever tried to change an ornery Angus bull into a cow, or a male gorilla into a female gorilla? It is, as all veterinarians will loudly proclaim, impossible to do. Bulls and gorillas are both mammals, and so are human beings, or Homo sapiens, which causes the following logical reasoning to follow. It is impossible to biologically change mammals born male into females, and this includes human men and women. There are myriad physiological and medical differences between men and women; which make the two exclusive human genders totally different, and each unique. Regardless of whether one believes, as I do, that God almighty created man and woman in the Garden of Eden, or that evolution produced the human man and women through natural selection, the biological specificity of the male and female genders make transformation from one to the other impossible. That which is scientifically impossible cannot be made possible by the delusionary sophistry of politically minded men and women. For you can take a normal ordinary male child, a healthy boy, and dress that child in the garb of a female girl from the moment of birth through the teenage years, treat the boy exactly as you would a girl, and mentally persuade the child, over the years, that he is a girl. Yet, the boy remains a boy, and yes, this has tragically been futilely attempted in this country by thoroughly demented parents, and the end results of such sick aberrational endeavors are, and have always been, psychologically damaged and confused teenage boys going about believing that they are something they are not, girls. In essence, for someone to treat a healthy normal boy as a girl, and to cause him to believe that he is a girl, constitutes a horrible crime against nature, as evil as bestiality. Yet, today, in the 21st Century, there are sick aberrant people in the USA, supposedly a nation of laws, who believe that such an unnatural process is reasonably proper and should be allowed by law to occur.

Just recently a bit of provocative news was broadcast on a radio talk-show about a normal teenage girl in Texas who was encouraged and promoted by her parents to take testosterone hormone injections and anabolic steroids in order to “transform” her into a boy so that she could be on a boy’s school wrestling team. Yes, that is correct! The parents, especially the father, encouraged their daughter to “become” a boy just to join a boy’s wrestling team. The national mainstream media had broadcast that the teenage girl had independently made the decision herself to “transform” into a boy, but other information gleaned from concerned neighbors made it very clear that the parents, especially the father, had treated his daughter more like a boy than a girl over a long period of time. A lawsuit against the girl and her parents by the parents of boys on the wrestling team is currently being litigated in Texas.

The utterly offensive terminology for this attempted unnatural process of changing boys into girls, girls in boys, men into women, and women into men, transgenderism, is but an aberrant hiccup as an occurrence in the continuum of thousands of years of human history. Yet, though a hiccup, it comprises a foul scourge on the integrity of the human species that has, in the same fashion, followed the equally aberrant normalization of the psychopathologies of homosexuality and bisexuality in the USA. The perversions that are manifest in the nefarious parental efforts to create, encourage, and promote unnatural feelings and emotions of despair and inferiority in normal male and female children, who were not born to have the outward facial, and body, appearances of handsomely masculine boys and femininely beautiful girls, should be declared criminal in nature. This should, of course, be obvious to all reasonable and normal human beings, but sadly it isn’t. For parents are ultimately responsible for how their children will feel about themselves as boys and girls; and how they will, either, grow and develop into confident, mature, and self-actualized adults, or confused maladjusted human beings with mature adult bodies.

Since around 1970, the electronic visual media (television, motion pictures, and the Internet) in the USA have been responsible for promoting homosexuality, bisexuality, and the transvestitism that has cancerously metastasized into the pernicious LGBT “transgenderism” that is being currently advertised as a cultural normality. I was, for a time, a sworn deputy sheriff for San Diego County, California under Sheriff John F. Duffy. During that time during the 1980s, I worked in the San Diego County jails and saw, first-hand, the ravaging criminal effects of promiscuous homosexuality and transvestitism on human beings. The psychologically aberrant political change in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-III) which, in the early 1980s, re-listed the psychopathology of homosexuality as a normal life-style was treated by the mainstream media and the motion picture industry in a celebratory fashion, and expanded the open solicitation of homosexuality (the only way homosexuals can increase their sordid population). The explicit open expression of unnatural lust between two men or two women, culminating in one of the men sucking the other man’s penis or sodomizing him, or the two women sucking each other’s vagina, became publicly accepted sexual rituals. Moreover, pornography, the lurid multi-billion dollar-plus adult magazine and film industry suddenly acquired a new profit-making motif and an aberrant, rabidly consuming, audience with its sickening LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) genre.

The most egregiously tragic result of this gross expansion of LGBT pornography was the rampant increase in pedophilia, or the exploitation of young children by homosexual and bisexual men and women. What is currently incredibly unnatural and contradictive in practice are adoption agencies and state agencies that will deny normal heterosexual couples the right to adopt infant children if they, for instance, believe that UFOs are eventually coming to take them, and their adopted children, away to a distant planet, but will allow two men in a homosexual relationship to adopt children knowing that both men suck each other’s penises and engage in sodomy every night, and that it would be extremely probable that both men would enjoy the molestation of the infant children by sucking and fondling their genitalia. Do you see here the blatant contradiction and hypocrisy? To simply believe that a UFO is coming to take you away is utter dementia, totally unnatural, places children in danger of harm, and is a cause for denial of adoption; while promiscuous adult homosexual behavior and probable sexual molestation of infant children are believed to be totally natural practices! Believe it or not, as Ripley would say, there are vocal LGBT groups who advocate for laws permitting free sexual activity with young children. You’ll probably never read about it the mainstream media, but the Public Advocate of the United States, Eugene Delgado, routinely posts such information on the Internet for the benefit of all American families concerned with the promotion and continuation of morality and natural law.

Currently, in the second decade of the 21st Century, cumulative crime statistics and reports published by the FBI and the research completed in numerous longitudinal and cross-sectional psychosexual research studies have adduced that over 95 percent of all convicted pedophiles are consistently, either, homosexual or bisexual. This revealing fact is a startling and blatant reality that is hardly publicized by the mainstream media because of its political incorrectness, even though it is the unvarnished truth. The unnatural practices of homosexuals and the unnatural lust that those practices produce is the basis for the utterly unnatural attraction to small children demonstrated by homosexuals and bisexuals. Also, the attempted gender or sex-changes of children, boys and girls under 18 years of age, from male to female or female to male, are usually accompanied directly by feelings of insecurity induced into these children by homosexual/bisexual adults or homosexual/bisexual peers that their sexual orientation should be other than what was assigned at birth. Relevant clinical studies have shown that children who are unconditionally loved and respected by their parents, regardless of their physical appearances, and who are not exposed to aberrant peer relationships, develop naturally and heterosexually with no homosexual feelings, or feelings of insecurity about their natural sex established by birth. Yet, deviant subcultures have always existed in culturally normal societies, which have served to undermine, over time, moral and natural traditions through political subterfuge.

Laws and rules that are imposed upon societies to recognize as natural the disgustingly unnatural usually result in severe indignation by majorities of the reasonable members of those societies. For instance, if a law was legislated to allow grown men, who consider in their minds that they are women, to walk into women’s restrooms and relieve themselves, a great majority of women, who reasonably know that they are women, would be horrified to see such a display of unnatural behavior. Moreover, if a protective father of a small female child allowed the child to enter a women’s restroom alone to relieve herself, and if the father saw a man, dressed as a woman, follow his daughter into the restroom, it would only be natural for the father to be concerned about harm coming to his child. Unnatural behavior invariably provokes natural indignant responses from reasonable people. Even if unnatural laws exist, allowing men, dressed as women, to use women’s restrooms, and for other unnatural behavior to freely abound, there will certainly be continual natural opposition to those laws from reasonably minded people. As such, men and women who firmly believe in morality and natural law, and that those sacred principles should be protected from subversion by immoral people bent on turning the USA into a bestial nation, should let their voices be heard in concert as a clarion call for an eradication of the immoral element in the American society.

Source by Norton Nowlin

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