The Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers

The Wedding Crashers

Opening Act
The Wedding Crashers

We were heading to a small resort that we had previously stayed a weekend at for a colleague’s wedding and reception.

This time it was Just Ginny and me on a whole 4 day escape from reality.

We were passing through one of the small villages on the way, when Ginny spotted a dress shoppe, with several mannequins wearing evening frocks. She had to stop, we had a function the next month and she had “nothing to wear”( Liar I thought grinning).

We went inside and on a “gently worn” rack she pulled out this long-sleeved green satin number and tried it on.

The young clerk said it was patterned after the one in the movie atonement ( which neither of us had seen) but its rich deep green( Irish green the clerk called it, which I had no idea was a colour) really set off Ginny’s long copper hair, and I liked the way her hair laid free in waves down her bare backside as she showed it to me after trying it on.

A few weeks later we watched the movie and discovered the gown was very similar but different than the one Ginny now owned, even though it had bare shoulders, this one also had long satin sleeves that started above the elbows and ending over the top of her wrists in a V shape that gave it a medieval appearance. The sleeves were held on by placing the Rings that were at the end of the sleeves V, worn over her middle fingers.

With Ginny’s new acquisition we arrived at the resort in the early afternoon and claimed our suite( paid for by an anniversary gift) and set out to explore the place.

The resort was a repurposed manor sitting upon a knoll overlooking a large spring-fed lake.

The manor and its extensive grounds had become too expensive to refurbish after being used for the war effort, and not considered important enough to be placed on the historic record.

Re-imagined as a getaway/event resort it has been returned to a lot of its former glory, including the surrounding hedges and maze of gardens.

The resort that weekend was packed, and we found out that among the events listed there were 2 evening wedding receptions taking place on Saturday. One in the great hall, the other in the royal ballroom.

Wedding receptions, Hmmm?

An Idea began to take seed and as we walked the gardens after supper, I found a way to bring it into the conversation.

Ginny had brought her dazzling collection of rhinestones (the ones some people thought were real diamonds) for a bit of date roleplay games in/out of, our suite some chosen evening of our stay.

After bringing her around to the subject of the dress she had just bought, I made an off-hand suggestion that she should give her gown and the rhinestones a try-out in public this weekend.

Mildly curious she stopped, looked at me, and asked “Where would I do that now, luv?”

I then laid out my game plan and a smile crept across her face, lit up by the sun poking through the trees on the wooded path we had been walking.

My lord she is beautiful, I thought.

Ginny has always welcomed an opportunity to dress up to the nines, and I used that trump card to my advantage.

We would play one of our usual damsel in distress play games.

Strangers meeting at one of the wedding receptions being held the late next afternoon.

I would role-play the thief to my Ginny’s victim.


So late on the next Day found me slipping into character and infiltrating the larger of the two wedding receptions

It was around 5 pm after the reception had been in full swing for some time, and the guests were drunk enough not to pay too much heed to new faces in their crowd…

Spying a group coming in from the outside garden I slipped inside the royal ballroom where the reception was being held (crashed if you like).

I wondering over to the bar, paid for a drink, and waited, nursing it.

I was reasonably presentable in a grey tweed suit jacket, slacks, grey silk shirt, and grey silk tie that went a lighter shade at the Windsor knot, to a darker one at the end.

But I was still underdressed with most of the make guests in formal suits and tuxes, their ladies in gowns, and many sporting real jewels.

Security was also present in the form of a rental cop; a young lad who appeared to be taking his job far too seriously from what I observed. Yet he failed to even notice me!

As I waited I found myself pretty much unnoticed by everyone, which was a far cry from what Ginny encountered when she cautiously entered about 30 minutes later, green gown swirling, rhinestones all a glitter.

She looked like a treat.

Having had had the luxurious gown cleaned and pressed that morning and had herself spent the afternoon at the spa prettying up.

The gown fitted her rather well considering it had not been fitted, flowing down as she walked, like a shimmery green river of liquid satin.

From her collection of rhinestone jewelry, she had selected the fancy emerald and diamond necklace that was shaped in a thin gold lavalier style pattern set with a large center pear-shaped emerald and surrounded by smaller diamonds and emeralds ending in a dangling drop of a smaller pear-shaped diamond.

Ginny wore her long hair down from which earrings that matched her necklace, played a teasing game of glittery perk a boo.

She had finished it off with twin emerald and diamond cocktail rings, one for each index finger, and her favorite diamond rhinestone bracelet on her right wrist, fastened securely over the top of the gowns’ sleeve.

The decadent bracelet is something special, a real cracker that is dazzling when she wears it.

A five-strand diamond sparkler. The two outer strands were set with stones about 1 1/2 carats in size. The middle strand was set with 3-carat pear-shaped rhinestones.

My twin sister had bought it for Ginny’s birthday, from a site called Windsor Royal.

My sister had already bought one for herself a few years back and as Ginny was constantly borrowing it, she finally got one for her.

With Ginny coming in without escort, It didn’t take long for the sharks to start circling.

One lad, a shark-faced towhead, started a conversation, and I watched her squirm a little, before putting my drink down and coming to my damsel’s rescue.

I had to literally peel the bloke away from her.

Still acting as we had never met, I bought her a drink and we made small talk at the bar.

I could see out of the corner of my eye the tow-headed lad fuming, waiting his chance.

He finally finished his drink, giving him the nerve, and he marched over and tapping Ginny on the shoulder as he asked abruptly for a dance.

She sighed, then apologizing to me(with a wink) allowed herself to be escorted off.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching my Ginny on the dance floor, while waiting for the song to end.

The wanker was not a half-bad dancer. But Ginny shot me a look that said she needed rescuing.

So as the song died down I went to rescue my damsel, cutting in and taking her from the tow heads sweaty grip, for the next dance.

As we danced through that, and several more songs I could tell by the look in Ginny’s eyes that she was feeling the same fire within that I was.
Though my mind was totally off the game we had been playing.

But someone else’s mind was on their game.

We both could see my wife’s admirer, the towhead, glowering at me from the bar as he had several more drinks. Ginny found it amusing, and quite flattering.

Then a slow song started up and we danced close, dangerously close. So much so that by the time it ended we both decided to head outside to cool down.

As we headed off to the outside stone patio that led down into the back gardens, we were intercepted by Mr. Tow Head who, ignoring me, asked Ginny for another dance.

She smiled winningly as she laid her right hand on the lad’s shoulder ( her diamond bracelet sparkling in a frenzied fire) I saw his eyes dart down to look it over.

Ginny meanwhile was ever so sweetly apologized that she needed to take a break from dancing. But she had had such a lovely time doing so with him…

With that, he was dismissed.

Looking like a scolded pup, he shot me a glare over Ginny’s shoulder and reluctantly took leave of us.

But it would not be the last we heard of him.

Ginny and I, hand in hand, went out on the crowded patio, weaving our way through the groups of the upper-class, well-dressed guests.

We went down the steps and took a deserted looking back path that we knew from previous excursions led down through the backside of gardens down to the lake.

The air was cool, the gardens alive with the chirps and sounds of its night denizens

We made our way to one of the stone benches that were placed about.

Sitting down we embraced and kissed. Taking care not to let our passions erupt into flame just yet.

But I will admit that my passion for the game afoot was reawakened, especially when her fancy earrings kept tapping the side of my face.

We sat on the bench holding hands, chatting on about our observations concerning the reception. I had wrapped my right arm around her and Ginny had snuggled in.

As we sat there I snatched looks over her dazzling display of jewelry. Thinking like my favorite role play character: a pickpocket thief, I considered the possibilities of trying a lift in order of easiest scenario (ring ) to the more difficult ones (earrings).

As we talked on, and my thoughts intensified, my left hand had begun gently stroking along her right arm.

Every so so often I included her bracelet and ring in my caressing, mesmerized by their sparkling show, mainly the bracelet.

One of the times I was slipping my fingers along the cool Stoney surface of her bracelet, I managed to finger open her diamond bracelet‘s safety catch.

I had made a start and a choice.

I held my breath as I did, but my victim kept on chattering away as if she didn’t notice.

Though my Ginny is a talented actress at our local theatre, and could be just playing her role, which was a victim who naively fails to notice my attempts at thievery until it was far too late.

It is never easy to tell, but I considered it a personal win if I could pull it off without my Ginny catching on!

But either way, it was too risky trying to steal anything from her just yet. I was bidding my time.

As well as Enjoying her enchanting company far too much.

Finally, she grew tired of sitting on the hard bench, I rise to offer my hand to her.

Taking my hand in her’s, failing to notice the dangling safety chain of her diamond-laden bracelet, she, with a swishing of her gown, rises next to me.

Straightening her luxurious gown as I watch, before again taking her by the hand ad we continue our way along the flower-lined path.

As we walked the enticing aroma of the still blooming garden flowers seemed to be swirling around us. Perhaps it was being pushed up by the rising dewy mist.

Ginny stops to bend over to smell a rose. I watch from behind as her dress tightens nicely along with her figure.

She held a rose up to smell with her left hand, automatically placing her right arm behind her back, unintentionally exposing her glittering bracelet to me.

I press up against her, my hands to her waist making her smile.

My right arm reaches around and taking the rose I tickle her nose.

As she giggled my left hand had already moved onto the diamonds wrapped around the satin sleeved of her right wrist. Moving a finger underneath I lifted up the bracket and with two fingers found and released the clasp. I then easily whisked off the bracelet from around Ginny’s wrist.

She let go of the flower as I pointed out a rather nice moss rose bush surrounding a gurgling fountain. As we looked I pocketed her diamond bracelet.

We walk on, continuing to admire the pretty flowers. Taking in their intoxicating fragrance.

As I enjoy the intoxicating feeling of having lifted jewellery from my victim.

Once we went full circle around the gardens, we headed back inside for a drink.

The reception was winding down.

We had just about finished our drinks when the lights of the room were suddenly dimmed. A few of the ladies gasped.

But then the announcement was made for the final dance. The song was “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers.

With a swishing and swirling of dresses and gowns, the ladies were escorted to the floor.

We also joined in and I drew Ginny close

It was quite a brilliant way to end the night before leaving the reception.

We spied Mr towhead dancing with a bridesmaid, obviously giving us both a once over. He decidedly was glaring at me over his partner’s shoulder…

I felt sorry that he didn’t appear to be giving his dance partner any notice. She was a nice-looking Lass, a bit full figure, but very pretty in her slinking salmon-colored silk gown and pearls.

I on the other hand was giving mine quite a bit of notice.

And sill in game mode, that attention Included her necklace. It would have been so easy. But our game rules only allow me to lift one item during the game.

Or all of her jewelry like a robbery, either or, one or all.

We went back after the dance and finished our drinks before packing up. ( for the record it was not an open bar that night).

We went out together; I spied the bloke sitting at a table, he had obviously been studying us while we were at the bar. I smirked to myself over his look of frustration.

“Ready to do the tally? “ I asked, as we regained the outside porch.

Ginny got a surprised look in her eyes and began to check herself over, necklace rings, wrist I saw her eyes enlarge as she saw it was a bare wrist, I knew I had taken it without her catching on, which was always a point scored for me in our game.

She had a delicious look in her eye as hers met mine.

“ My clever lad, I never felt you taking anything, my roguish gentleman.
Did you do it when we were in the gardens?”

I nodded

“On the bench. I thought you were all too attentive .”

“No, as you smelled a rose,” I replied

“Ahh, I forgot who I was turning my back to. Delicious moments for a thief. “

“And the victim?” I asked

“Yes, your prey found it all very enticing this evening. Let’s head to the lake shall we darling, do our tally there ?” Ginny took me by the hand as she spoke.

We started to walk along the light string lit outside wooden promenade, joining in along with several other ladies, charming in their gowns and frills, with their tuxedoed escorts, escapees all of us from the fast ending receptions.

Ginny felt exceptionally good as, with my arm around her, she cuddled into my side while we walked some distance.

But our bliss was not long, when Ginny, looking back, said a hotel security cop was heading our way.

Damn, I thought, pinched for crashing the reception.

The young rent-a-cop came up to us, and placing a firm grip upon my shoulder(or tried, I was a good foot taller, where do they find these blokes?) talked directly to Ginny.

“Everything alright then Miss?” he questioned Ginny, trying to sound professional, and he almost pulled it off, except he squeaked on the word Miss.

“Why yes,… ‘officer’ Ginny said, giving him a title he probably was not worthy of, as she was pouring on the charm( which is a quite frightful weapon in her capable hands),.

Gunny opened her eyes wide as she asked…
“Thank you for your lovely concern, but why do you ask? “

“I received a report that this man (the officer turned me to face Ginny) may have been bothering you, Ma’am…”

He said this without a squeak this time. He had been glaring at me, just like the tow-headed chap had been, snd I could feel his eyes drilling into my back.

I just grinned to myself waiting for Ginny to knock a ‘sixer’.

She smiled, her green eyes brite, and laying a hand on the “officers” chin, told him how adorable his concern was for her safety, but her husband is not that much of a bother most of the time.

“Husband !” he started, then stopped, caught his embarrassment nicely, then tried to save it.

“But Miss, The lad said you had lost a bracelet, possibly nicked by this gent here !? Er, Your husband?”

I knew the identity of “the Lad ”for at that moment the Mr. Tow head appeared from the shadows with a smug grin on his face, waiting to come to the attractive Lady’s rescue as the perpetrator ) was hauled off.

Whatever reaction he( or the towhead) had hoped the Lady’s would be upon him pointing out her missing jewels, it was not the one they got.

“That’s just precious, my husband, a jewel thief ?…”
“Oh as for that, I had almost forgotten about it.”
she continued raising her bare wrist, the green sleeve shimmering in the outdoor lights.

“The clasp came undone and it slipped off while we were out back walking in your gardens. So my husband took it for safekeeping, really, where else would I have put it?”

Ginny stepped back and let him look her over for evidence to support her statement.

“Game, Set and here comes the Match” I was betting while smirking to myself as Ginny winked at me

With the way, she looked in that satin gown, and her remaining jewels, plus her charm at full output, no mere mortal male would have been able to stand a chance to that form of attack.

Reluctantly releasing my shoulder the rental cop took a step back like he had been pushed.

We had now drawn a small crowd of interested guests.

“Well, all’s good then…” he choked out Behind my back.

“Just one more thing if you’d be a dear .”

Ginny winked at me…

“luv could d I have my bracelet back please?”

I pulled it out and handed it over, then stood next to her, facing them would be copper, my back to Mr. Towhead.

Ginny held up her right wrist in the rent a cop’s face holding out the shimmering diamond bracelet to him with her other.

“I am so glad you were concerned about this. I would have hated to have had it nicked. So glad someone as handsome and strong as you are here to protect all of us ladies from nefarious Creatures lurking in the shadows with devious intent. “

As Ginny said this she looked over our crowd of gawkers.

Then she turned back to the red-faced rental pup.

“Could you please replace it for me?”

With everyone watching, he had no choice and accepted my wife’s bracelet.

He wrapped it around her wrist, fumbled a bit before managing to set the clasp. He did not do the safety chain, but I decided not to say anything and remained mute.

“Thank you,sir,” Ginny said sweetly

The chastised security pup nodded his head then he turned heel, and walked off hurriedly, like a scolded puppy with its tail between its legs.

Towhead came past us, running up to him saying Something in earnest as he looked back over at us.

The pup took tow head by the shoulder and brusquely walked him off.

We watched as our small group of onlookers dispersed, several nodding to us, no worries.

Ginny giggled, as I turned to face her…

“Well played my lovely Lass, well played. “

So once again, again with my arm around her and Ginny cuddling in, we continued our stroll, with Ginny letting out the occasional chordal of laughter over the whole incident.

It was a gloriously fine long walk before reaching an overlook over the lake, where a pair of swans was meandering about. A young lady in a long white dress with a glittering bracelet around one wrist was walking along the far end of the path that edged along the lake.

Ginny caught me looking, wanna do the path luv, she whispered in a most beguiling manner. We did so, and eventually found a rather isolated little nook behind a hedgerow.

Here I will have to leave to the reader’s imagination what transpired there, for the only witnesses were the two of us and a rather surprised hedgehog who crawled out of his hole for a gander…

The night grew hot, then became much cooler, prompting us to finally take leave of our little sanctuary.

On our way back we once again stopped at the overlook.

“Time to tally up. Ginny said, smiling as she opened her silver lamer clutch purse, locating and pulling out a scrap of paper.

She showed it to me, on it was written the word necklace.

For her part in the game, she could have written any piece of jewelry trying to guess which one the thief would attempt to nick. Or just have written GB for Greedy bastard meaning he robbed it all from her

“UnLucky guess,” I said, though I did ponder over your necklace as we were dancing close. Probably a good thing I didn’t, what with that wanker watching over us.”

“ That would have been a wee bit harder to explain to security. Ginny said giggling, pushing her face into my shoulder.

Then she asked…
“So how did my thief do?”

At the bottom of the papers was a list of the jewels she was wearing. Each one had a letter of the alphabet A through F.

I pulled out a sheet of my own. Mine had A through F also. Next to each, I had either R for rhinestone or E for expensive. For our game, I was only allowed to use the letter E twice

We compared the notes and my two E letters matched the bracelet and her right hands ring

So in our play game scenario, the thief had stolen a valuable piece of jewelry from his victim.

So, since Ginny had guessed wrong the thief had got away, and with some “real” jewels.

The winner of the game then, by our rules, was me.

If Ginny had guessed the bracelet it meant the thief was caught. Ginny had written a necklace which meant the thief had gotten away and I won.

The winner decided on what we would do tomorrow night.

So there was a wee bit of method to our madness in playing games like ours.

“It’s been quite a weekend, jealous admirers, self-important security pups crashing a reception. A new dress” I said counting on my fingers

“And randy husbands,” Ginny whispered giggling.

With all that said and done, It was a lovely long walk back to our rooms.


The next day having slept in late we went to the village pub for an early lunch

When going out in our long weekend jaunts we like to dress up like we are members of the leisure class, part of the setup for the role games we find mesmerizing to play.

I was wearing a brown suit coat, black turtleneck.

Ginny, looking quite fetching, had on a black velvet jumper, black stockings, and a long-sleeved green satin blouse. Her pumps were the same green as her blouse. Her jewelry was a collection of shiny mesh gold, with a brace of rather pretty rings.

As we waited for our food, I had a pint of Irish while my wife was having the local wine.

Clearing my throat after downing a swig, I began to broach the subject of my idea for our plans for tonight.

“So, as the winner of last nights game “I started, but never got a chance to finish as Ginny placed a hand to my chin, lifting my head with a mischievous look in her eyes and a wry grin on her face

“Technically you were caught red-handed my thief. “

“True, but that was not part of the game” I tried to argue, unsuccessfully, by the look in my love’s green eyes.

She placed a ringed finger to my lips hushing me.

I took her finger and looked at the ring, an imitation emerald surrounded by rhinestone diamonds.

“Lovely ring that. “ I said

Don’t change the subject laddie. You had your spot of thievery yesterday. And were caught admit it “. She was giving me a wickedly devilish smile as she said this, then added.

“But at least in the game the jewels were real, it would be a shame for a thief to go through all that troubles only to be caught stealing a rhinestone bracelet. Wouldn’t you say now? “

Who could argue with that?

Needless to say, I conceded the game

She soon went inter her well-thought-out plans.

A walk slow walk around the lake.

A carriage ride in the country

Posh dinner and dancing to cap it off.

And she agreed to again wear the atonement gown if I wore my tux.

“Oh,” she said, fingering her ring. Then looking up at me smiling. Added …

“I heard a lady had her diamonds nicked last night, I suspect he may be still in the area … I should practice my hiding skills from thieves, say late this evening, around the ruins in the woods overlooking the lake?”

There was a no-brainer if I ever heard one.

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