Things You Must Know to Win the Heart of Filipino Women Or Filipinas

Things You Must Know to Win the Heart of Filipino Women Or Filipinas

Things You Must Know to Win the Heart of Filipino Women Or Filipinas

Filipino women may just be the perfect partner to spend the rest of your life with. Beautiful Filipinas have a unique beauty and attitude. As part of the Filipino culture, Filipinas are very hospitable and entirely devoted to their husband. Also, Filipinas are very loving and kind, not only to their husband but also to their whole family.

If you want to date a Filipino women or finding for Filipina beauties that you want to spend the rest of your life with, here are some but important information you must know before meeting them:

1. One great thing about Filipina women is that they are knowledgeable about Western culture,specially of the American cutlture. So, you don’t need to learn “Tagalog” to meet beautiful Filipinas because they are very good in communicating in English.

2. Filipino women are fond of roaming around the mall that most of time they consider it as their place where they can spend their leisure time. At least, now you know where will you bring your future Filipina date.

3. Filipinas are also fond of “texting”.Their day is not complete if they can’t touch the keypad of their cellphones.With this, always keep in touch to her by sending a sweet “SMS or text ” once or twice a day just to let her know you are thinking of her. Take note that Filipina women always want to feel your love to them by simply seeing it through your actions.

4. Filipina women always want surprises. So, why not surprise her with the “Tagalog” translations of English sweet words such as:

I love you – “Mahal Kita”
You are so beautiful-“Ang ganda ganda mo”
I always think of you – “Lagi kitang iniisip”
I miss you so much – ” Miss na miss kita”

Eventually, you will not only surprise her but also you will sweeten her feelings towards you.

5. Filipina women hate “lies” . So, be truthful when you talk about your self and life. It is better to tell things that will sooner affects your relationship to her than to hide it because eventually you will know that Filipinas are very understanding.

6. Courtship is a part of Filipino Culture. In the Philippines don’t only win the heart of the woman but also win the heart of her family.This does not necessarily mean that you have to “wow” them with expensive gifts,just show only your true feeling towards their daughter through sincerity and honesty. Of course, it is a plus factor if you have something for her parents as a sign of respect and gratitude for caring, nurturing and loving their daughter so much.

7. Be aware that sex is a delicate thing to talk about in the Philippines.It is wrong to ask to sleep in the same room with Filipina before marriage. Although this is not the case for some Filipino women,still, it is a good thing to be wary.

I hope that my tips will help you a lot of winning the heart of the beautiful Filipino women.I know that these tips are only few but for sure they are helpful enough to capture the feelings of Filipinas.

Source by Xyre Tanlangco

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