Time & Mirror

Time & Mirror

When I look back to my past, its all about time. At the last part of the movie Interstellar, the hero see the entire girl’s past time space in the material parallel universes box. Isn’t the most Intuitive way to present the past time?
I used memento to scan my body in different pose and used 3DS MAX to make the animation. In this work, I used mirrors as the most important way to present the time. Mirror is always an interesting topic in the art. When I see myself in the mirror, I also see the past of me. All the past time of me made up the present me. The reflections in the mirror represent the moments of my past.
Water is also a kind of mirror. Actually, in the last part of my work, the ocean is a Mirror with Noise and other effects. I call it the time ocean. One person’s life in the long human being’s history is like the rice in the ocean. Finally, we will all sink in this time ocean.

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