Tips on How to Be a Total Babe Magnet – Start Attracting and Seducing Girls Now!

Being a total babe magnet is surely such a high status that most guys would love to kill for. Anything that involves the ladies will always catch a guy’s interest and they would want to take the challenge head-on. However, most of them always end up failing, or worse, would totally give-up on the feat. They don’t know what they’re missing — sometimes, it’s all about the style, the right moves and proper mindset to aid yourself to get through. So to give yourself a little idea on how to be a total babe magnet, here’s a few tips for you to follow:

  • Go with the flow. When being around girls, don’t try too hard to impress them. They can detect it when a guy starts to act all frantic for attention. Remember, being a total babe magnet means attracting the ladies by simply being yourself — with a touch of style of course. Don’t let things get out of hand — get a hold of yourself and go with the flow. It’s much more fun that way.
  • Don’t get too anxious. Of course, it’s quite impossible not to get a little too excited and anxious when a girl starts to show a little interest with us — your engines start rev full blast and you can’t seem to get a hold of yourself. Relax. You might ruin your very chance to get lucky — just keep your cool and she will stick around.
  • Get to know everybody. Don’t hang around too much with the girls — let them come near you instead. Don’t limit yourself all night by sitting all alone with a drink in your hand and trying to eye one of the ladies that seem to be a good catch — be sociable! Make use of the time. It’s good when you have some friends around — that way you won’t feel all that stressed and pressured to hook up.
  • Don’t get stuck. When you saw someone hot and interesting, don’t stalk her all night — she will get totally freaked out. Ease your way up, start a conversation, get her number and holler — no need to stay glued to her (unless you’ve hit it off really nicely until it’s time to bring her home). The key feature here is not to appear too desperate for attention. That’s going to intrigue her big time.
  • Learn how to flirt well. Body language plays a very important role when you want to become a total babe magnet — women notice your moves quite clearly. You don’t need to say it out loud that you’re one hotshot or that you can make a girl feel like a total goddess — the way you talk, the way you move and the way your flirt will reveal exactly what type of guy you are.

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