Two Minus One

Two Minus One

Two Minus One

A happy couple’s love brings them together in matrimony. Blissfully married, they start a family.

Something changes. Happiness gives way to pain, love dissolves and the relationship crumbles.

She is alone now. Bruised. Broken. Stuck.
Holding the hands of the children she brought into this world, and with no one else to help her, she decides to pull herself up.

This is the story of that Indian woman. Yes, the one whose broken marriage becomes a hushed discussion every now and then. The one whose children you eye with pity. The one who’s a whole person on paper, but is expected to go on like half an entity.

Two Minus One introduces us to Neeti, a woman who thought her life had fallen apart as she navigated an abusive marriage. Little did she think that one day she’ll have the courage to call it quits, and demand a new lease on life.

It takes us on her journey as a single mother, a friend, a teacher and more recently, as the admin of an online support group for single parents, all the while rediscovering the girl she always was.

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