Urbex Ville Sbertoli

Urbex Ville Sbertoli

Urbex Ville Sbertoli

We caught the first rain of the week when searching for Ville Sbertoli. And I can tell you: The woods were wet! A large area of buildings of which only two or three buildings are worth the visit. During our visit a lot of noise came out of the woods and 5 boys and girls and a joint showed up inside. The place is clearly being used by local youth. Still not much vandalized in the main building and still a lot of beauty out there…

The area used to be only one large villa and a huge garden where the family Sbertoli lived. They bought the villa around the 1870′s. The family was a very wealthy family who seem to have it all. But there also was a lot of grief inside this villa’s walls. One if their sons suffered from mental disorder, or was just plain ‘crazy’ as how they called people like this in these times. The family had all the money the world could wish for, but no amount of cash could heal their little boy… Before Mr. Sbertoli died he donated all his posessions, including the villa, for the creation of a hospital for the mentally ill. So at least they will know that their son will be in good hands in their beloved villa.

Mr. Sbertoli died in the end of the 19th century and left his other son to build up and run the asylum to be. The construction was very high tech for that time. All buildings on the area are connected with each other through tunnels where the doctors and nurses could easily walk from one building to another. In the 1920′s Mr. Sbertoli’s son left the organisation. In 1950 the Province bought the asylum and turned it into a Neuropsychiatric Hospital but in the end of the 1970′s the place was closed down.

The most important building, the main villa with the beautiful fresco’s, has been in use by the asylum for musical practices. I can imagine that a lot of grief, pain and sadness filled the air at Ville Sbertoli….

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