Verlande 2015 - 8/7/15

Verlande 2015 – 8/7/15

Love A Child is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian Humanitarian Organization, serving the needs of children in Haiti.

Founders Bobby and Sherry Burnette live in Haiti at the Love A Child Orphanage. They are working to spread the word of God and show the love of Jesus by example; ministering to the poorest of the poor in Haiti

This week Bobby and Sherry tell the story of Verlande, a poor girl who lives in a mud hut with no roof. Sherry visits Madamn Marie, Verlande’s mother, and learns that the family sleeps on cardboard and has no cover when it rains.

Bobby and Sherry also take a team to the village of Covant for a food distribution. The people of four different villages show up hoping to get a little bit of the food that the team has brought to hand out.

Give online at or call now 1-800-645-4868. Any amount will help! Please give to save the lives of starving children and people in Haiti.

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