" Vloggers Christmas"

” Vloggers Christmas”

” Penny for 1,000,000 clicks = $10,000.”
We are asking for a Penny Button for Social Media Stars.
A click, a penny, a new information paradigm.

Sponsored By The American Shopping Party.

National Geographics all time best selling issue happened to be of the Afghanistan girl with blazing eyes on their front cover. Letters poured in from around the world wanting to help her. The Penny Button would have raised $10k for her at just a penny for a million hits.
A beautiful Mom post the adorable vid of her child talking – $1,200 for that sweet family.
Our favorite YouTube Star takes days to produce a gorgeous video, or a band a new song, and an artist a new painting. They each get $12k – 5 cents for 250k clicks.

We call it a ‘Penny for Your Thoughts.’
A penny can now change the world.
We are asking all bloggers and other social media starts to join us and share the concept with their own fans. Doing this translates directly into immediate income for you once the Penny Button is introduced. And so we are calling it the Bloggers Christmas.

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