Voices inside (Story in description)

Voices inside (Story in description)

Voices inside (Story in description)

Trigger warning, this story may hit home for some, parts of it hits home for me. Please know before you read, that if any of the stories in this description is what you are going through or went through, please know you are not alone. Please feel free to reach out to me at any time or not be scared to seek professional help. Again YOU ARE NOT ALONE, there was a saying once, I would rather hear your story much more than attend your funeral. If you are even considering suicide please seek help, or please talk to me!!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline their number is 800-273-8255. Again if you are thinking anything about that subject, please reach out.

Hi, I know you don’t know me but we walked pass each other in the street. I tried to muster up the courage to say hi, but, you see I’m dealing with depression. I got it growing up with my parents who made me think I was never enough. They made sure I knew that I was "the mistake," not knowing how that kills a person on the inside. I have not been able to keep a healthy relationship since. My partners always end up leaving, they say they can’t handle how I’m always up and down all the time, little do they know right? I cry myself to sleep most nights. Most nights I dream of ending it all, and tonight I am going to act on it…

Hi, hope you are well. You were in line in front of me at the store. You seen me in uniform and made sure to thank me for my service. Although I appreciate everyone who does, you see I have PTSD. I try to put on a smile for yall and be a good little soldier like I was trained to. In reality I lie awake every night screaming cause the battles I fought, run through my mind. I can’t go to firework shows, because the booms of the firework bring back the memories of the enemy who tried to kill us. I’ve been told I should be thankful I am back home, back with my family, and I am. I also can’t help but to think of my brothers and sisters still over there. You build a bond with these people you see, you are all willing to die for the person next to you. I feel guilty I get to be back home, while they are still fighting. My best friend died in my last tour of duty. Having to go to his family and break the news broke my heart. My wife went to her families house for the weekend and took the kids with her. They are happy to see grandma. Now I lie here with a gun to my head, memories flashing of the bond formed with my brothers and sisters. As I squeeze the trigger…

Hi, we waved at each other at the stop light. I am the bubbly girl who everyone loves. Always a smile on my face, and always trying to uplift as many people as I can. You see, on the inside I am struggling. I was raped when I was younger. By the man who I thought would always look after me as his beautiful babygirl. He said I looked just like momma. Maybe that is why he took my innocence from me. It got to the point where sex is the only way I can feel love, so I try and find it any way I can. Everyone looks at me and calls me a whore, says I sleep with anything that moves. I just got back from a doctors appointment two days ago and gave me the next worse news you could hear outside of cancer. I have AIDS. Now I am sitting in the bathroom wondering why I was never good enough. My mom tried to do what she could to show me love. She divorced my dad after she found out, but I was too far gone. Just got off the phone with her crying, she said she was on her way. I hope I don’t upset her when she walks in to see the razor blade and the cut going down my arm….

Hi, I am the star athlete in school. I just finished my four year degree and now am entering the professional football league draft. Only question is, will I be the top overall pick, or the number one overall pick. Yes, I know it means the same. You see sports, they were my way out. I grew up around violence all my life. Had either two options be in jail, or chose sports. My life, has been a struggle. I grew up around people who would sell drugs right down the street. I couldn’t tell you how many nights I dropped to the floor, because there was drive by shooting at my neighbors houses. I watched my best friend die in my arms after a drug deal went bad. I tried to get him out the game but he didn’t listen. Wish he could be here with me, my right hand man, he would be so proud. Excuse me if I am slurring my words. Thinking of how he got killed has me drinking the pain away. I can hardly see my hand in front of my face I am so wasted. Just realized I haven’t ate today. I need to go to the grocery store. So let me go get my keys, I will be back soon…

Lastly, I would like to share a spoken word. It is so beautifully written…Take a listen, and remember the world is NOT better off without you.


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