Watching Amy

Watching Amy

Watching Amy

Head girls counselor Dunja Heinrichs, Head Counselor Jake Putnam, and Secret Service Agent Dan Petole keep a close eye on Amy Carter. (Photo by Frank X. Brennan)

In general, teams of Secret Service agents travel in advance units and conduct site surveys and assess needs for manpower, equipment, hospitals, and evacuation routes for emergencies. They also work with Fire, rescue, and other public service personnel in the community that are alerted and called upon if needed.

Before Amy arrived at any site, a lead advance agent would coordinate all law enforcement that also participates in the visit. Intel is discussed and emergency options are outlined. Prior to the arrival of the protectee, checkpoints are established and access to that secured area strictly limited.

The assistance of the military, federal, state, county, and local law enforcement, and public safety organizations is a big part of the entire security operation. During protective visits, Secret Service and local law enforcement personnel form a network of support for members of the detail working in close proximity to the protectee. A Secret Service command post acts as the communication center for protective activities monitors emergencies and keeps all participants in contact with one another. After the visit, agents analyze every step of the protective operation, record unusual incidents, and suggest improvements for the future.

Protective Research

Protective research is a key part of all security operations. Agents are assigned to conduct protective research to evaluate information received from law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and a variety of other sources regarding individuals or groups who may pose a threat to Secret Service protectees. These agents also review online threats, questionable letters, and e-mails received at the White House and maintain a 24-hour operation to coordinate protection-related information.

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