We Are All The Supply: E-Soo Kim

We Are All The Supply: E-Soo Kim

One afternoon last month, we received a call from a senior at Northern Valley Old Tappan High School. She asked if we could come downstairs because she had to drop off some stuff. Not sure what to expect, we went downstairs and saw an entire van filled with backpacks. All of these backpacks (42 in total) were filled to the brim with school supplies (pencils, notebooks, etc). We were completely floored. More than the supplies themselves, we were moved by one girl’s spirit to want to see change by initiating and developing this school supply drive. Not only that, she inspired the entire school, staff, students to do their part and take action. We wanted to share with the rest of our supporters this amazing story. We hope that this will serve as an inspiration and a reminder that all of us can be THE SUPPLY. All of the supplies that we collected will be delivered either via mail or directly by us on our next trip in April to the students of DYC. (E-Soo is now doing fundraisers at school to collect enough money for shipping fees!) Thank you E-Soo and thank you NVOT!

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