Welcome to the world DSC_2294

Welcome to the world DSC_2294

Welcome to the world DSC_2294

Today, 4/7/2018 was fledge day. All five little ones were escorted off the property shortly after fledging during the late afternoon. There were no hawks or crows around during the time so things went rather well. I did not have to swing in to action with a broom 🙂

Lady and Mr. B were clicking and dive bombing all yard visitors except me. They allowed me to take a couple of shots of this little one too. I feel special. All of the other little peeps were hidden pretty well in Oak three. This one landed on some hanging fruit I keep for the butterflies. Butterflies like rotting fruit.

That’s the good news, the bad news is… It’s their first few hours out of the box and we are about to experience a whale of a storm. Good luck little ones.

Have a wonderful day and happy snapping.

Posted by blthornburgh on 2018-04-07 22:46:45


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