What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare

For this project I was given a script of a dream that someone had. This dream consisted of a girl who dreams that her boyfriend is dating someone else. I began with a girl getting ready to go to bed when she gets a phone call from her boyfriend. The two talk for a little and then she hangs up and goes to sleep. The dream begins with her finding a photo of her boyfriend with another woman. After finding this she imagines the two together. This is where I added a montage the the boyfriend and the other woman. I used many overlays of different scenes and added clips with ducks and turtles and rippling water to really set the tone of a dream. I really wanted to make this video a bit cheesy during the montage to add a bit of humor. The video ends with the original girl waking up right before she sees them kiss. She looks at her phone and realizes it was all a dream.

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