What in God’s Name Do Women Want?

I understand your predicament. Every woman seems to have her own new issues that us men have to deal with. New hang ups from past relationships, new things they get angry about, new ways they like to be touched, spoken to, kissed even how they like to be handled in bed. Truth is, this is why we love them so much, each of them bring something new and exciting to the table, new things to be learned and experienced, most of which excite and confuse us men equally.

With this in mind, School of Attraction hired a couple of guys to go out and find random attractive women between the ages of 18-30 to see whether we could find some similarities that can make life as a man a little easier for us all.

What transpired is a lot of interesting results to share, some of them not surprising, some of them very interesting so read on by all means.

So what do women want?

1. So let’s start with an easy one, most women said that their favourite first date movie genre was a comedy. No surprises there, comedy sets the tone for the rest of the night and energy flows much easier, allowing open conversation and a good time.

2. The majority of women stated bars or other public social gatherings as favourite places to meet guys. Women dress up well and hold first impressions to high regard. They want to be looking and feeling amazing whilst the man of their dreams strides up to speak to her. Idealistic? maybe, but women expect men to approach and therefore are dressed to impress.

3. With only one exception, all girls aged 18-25 preferred a guy to SMS her after meeting at a club and exchanging numbers, and all girls aged 26 or over preferred a guy to call. SMS’ing just doesn’t cut it after a certain age as women expect a guy to ‘man up’ and ask for what he wants whilst younger women tend to not know what they want just yet so SMS’ suffice. A second reason for this is also that women over 24 have not been nearly as immersed in the mobile phone texting culture.

4. All women surveyed prefer accents. When asked about which exact one, favourites were all over the shop, Italian being the most popular being preferred by 20% of women. Exotic accents are interesting and different to women and they sound great in bed. Role play with accents during foreplay works wonderfully.

5. 80% of the women absolutely loved tattoos, especially back and arms. Tattoos are a sign of masculinity in a woman’s eyes. Shows that you can handle pain and apparently looks great in the moonlight naked.

6. When asked about the sexiest body part of a man, 50% of women said arms, 30% said back, 20% stomach. This is an indicator of what guys should maybe consider concentrating on whilst exercising if they’re out to impress women.

7. Arrogance and bad body odour/breath tied for first place as biggest male turnoff with 33% of girls mentioning each. It should be said that hygiene is massive for women. Women are much more sensitive to smell than men so keep that in order. Arrogance is defined as putting women down in order to place yourself higher in the pecking order. Women smell that and understand it as a sign of insecurity so avoid that.

8. No two women mentioned the same favourite male cologne but noted that men must always wear cologne. The right cologne can tickle women from the inside out, working completely towards your favour.

9. 60% of women stated sense of humour as biggest turn on, with 40% saying hot body. Notice here that personality outshined looks.

10. 80% of women said they’d let a guy know they liked him by using eye contact and sometimes a smile, that’s it! Guys, it’s all up to us to make the first move.

11. When asked how long it takes them to be interested enough in a guy to be willing to go on a date, all originally said ‘oh my… about 1 or 2 weeks’ but when prodded further (the nice way of saying that we suggested they cut the bulls@#$), all finally admitted somewhere between 1- 10 minutes of first introduction. First impressions matter and are crucial to getting any further with a woman.

12. On the subject of sensuality, 46% of women prefer Satin Sheets, 26% Scented candles, and 28% said romantic music.

13. 80% of women prefer the rugged look. This means manicured stubble and hair that isn’t overly coiffed. Note this does NOT mean scruffy or unkempt.

14. Beach was by far the most popular first date location with 80% of women. It’s fun, flirtatious and she can show you how sexy she looks in a bikini.

15. 87% of women prefer playful bites on the neck instead of nibbles on the ear.

16. 66% prefer short hair, preferably straight. Looking neat shows a woman you have your sh*t together.

17. Sexiest piercing on a man: Eyebrows = 40%, Tongue 26.6% Lip: 20% Nipple: 10% Ear: 3.4%

18. Lastly, the sexiest male profession caught us a little off guard. We were expecting international spy, wealthy businessman, or at least Doctor, but the most popular was a Builder, followed by a footballer.

Also worth mentioning is that the guys we hired to survey could easily have persuaded women under 25 to change some of the answers they gave, the guys often suggested alternative answers after the women offered their preferences, these suggestions caused women to want to change their answers, but we kept the original responses for accuracy. Once women were over 25, they stopped giving ‘misguided’ responses and gave much more realistic bull*hit free answers. Once the guys got the girls to start thinking about sex, all of them became much more flirtatious instantly indicating that women love exercising sexual imagination whereas us men like to go for the kill.

So here it is, REAL results highlighting exactly what women want. If you would like to see our video article on this topic, check out our website WHAT WOMEN WANT

Source by Damien Diecke

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