Why Do Guys Like Delicate Looking Girls? Learn What Kind of Women Guys Really Adore and Like

Why Do Guys Like Delicate Looking Girls? Learn What Kind of Women Guys Really Adore and Like

Why Do Guys Like Delicate Looking Girls? Learn What Kind of Women Guys Really Adore and Like

Most men are instantly turned on by a delicate looking girl because of several reasons. While there are many sports buffs who love a robust, athletic girl the majority love the gentle delicate figure. These tips will let you know why!

They bring out the protective instinct in men
From ages past, men have been proven to love women who bring out the protective instinct in them. A delicate looking woman is totally feminine and there fore bring out this protective instinct that makes a man want to be her knight in shining armor!

They make men seem more manly and sexy
The more delicate looking a woman is, the more macho, manly and sexy the man looks besides her. Somehow a delicate looking woman forms the perfect foil for a sexy alpha male! He loves looking like her protector, defender and provider!

They have a gentle and delicate air
A delicate looking woman looks gentle and soft. She manages to look compliant and peaceful and therefore can never pose a threat to any guy. Because of her gentle air she would never come across as aggressive and pushy. It makes a man feel comfortable and relaxed in her company. He feels proud to be able to be there for her.

They don’t look rough and uncouth
Because she is delicate looking, she obviously has an advantage over women who look rough and uncouth. A delicate looking woman will have less trouble choosing a style that is elegant and sophisticated than a woman who is stocky and overweight. She looks more appealing to the opposite sex. Men like their women to be admired by one and all and a delicate looking woman will definitely catch the eye of others more than a plain looking woman who has a portly and stout figure.

They somehow manage to look well bred
A woman who carries extra flab, has blunt and homely features will never manage to look elegant, poised and well bred. However a delicate looking woman automatically comes across as well bred, well groomed and classy. Her neat and delicate “air” makes her irresistible.

Men are turned on by their slim figure
Most delicate looking women are slim and trim. This alone makes them carry themselves better than a woman who is stout, burly or fat! The delicate, “helpless” look make men fall like ninepins! They become eager to win her attention and pursue her like she is a prize!

They rather have the dependent type than the strong athletic type
Many women who are the strong athletic type are usually independent and have an air of confidence about them that intimidates the opposite sex. Besides their strong muscled figures make them seem totally capable and confident whereas, the delicate looking woman literally looks like she can do with some help from the opposite sex! This is what turns them on.

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