Why You Should Go Down on Her After Sex

Unlike the majority of men who are exhausted after an orgasm, women have a near infinite ability to orgasm again after a brief rest period. Her arousal is directly proportional to her capability for more orgasms. Going down her after sex is the mark of an oral sex aficionado.

Giving her cunnilingus after sex is very important because a lot of women don’t orgasm from intercourse alone or infrequently do so. If you know she didn’t have an orgasm during sex, giving her one or two through oral sex conveys that you desire her sexual gratification as well. It shows her that you care.

Benefits of Going Down on Her After Sex

Even if she did have an orgasm from intercourse, she may be craving a strong clitoral orgasm to sate to her. Think of it as the “cherry on top” orgasm. Going down on her after sex is also beneficial because it creates an easy way to transition into round two of your lovemaking and it gives you chance to recuperate. You can use this time to give her more orgasms which will make it easier for her to orgasm during your second romp.

When performing oral sex on her after sex you have two simple choices to get her ready for around session of lovemaking. The first option is to give her an orgasm (or two) while she is lying on her back, resting from the previous session. The second option is to bring her close to orgasm a few times and begin intercourse just as her orgasm is fading. Be careful not to touch her clitoris for a few minutes because it will be sensitive.

You have to time the second option perfectly because if you get too excited and try to begin intercourse before her orgasm is over she will be frustrated and may not be in the mood for a second session.

Try combining both approaches to minimize frustration. It reduces the chance she will be frustrated because she has received an orgasm or two already and will perceive the second approach as a tease to begin intercourse.

Another benefit to cunnilingus after sex is that she feels taken care of and sexually gratified. This makes it likely for her to surprise you with sex more often. When you give her pleasure and sexually fulfill her, she wants to do the same for you. She may reminisce to the time you gave her an orgasm after sex and randomly surprise you by returning the favor.

Hundreds, possibly thousands of women must finish themselves off after having sex with a partner. Set yourself apart from others and give her an orgasm after intercourse if she did not experience one during it. She is very engorged and lubricated after sex; that is the perfect time to give her extraordinary cunnilingus.

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