Wild Love

Wild Love

Wild Love

Rock With Me m/

So you may be wondering what makes me choose the songs I choose for my pics. My choices of song are purely because I find the song awesome and somehow feel it can compliment the pic. Such as with the wild new look, I thought Wild Child went well with the last one and why not follow that up with Wild Love? I feel it fits the pic. I’m totally feeling it seeing my avi. ^.-

It’s the mood of the pic combined with the look. Songs that I feel fit and also love. It’s the coolness factor. Yeah! that’s what I would call it the coolness factor. hehehe.

Really there isn’t anything more to it than that. My apologies to those wanting to read deeply into it. I’m just having fun.

I hope you like the pics anyway. If you like the music, it’s one thing you can get me talking about for hours.

Posted by Mabel Mackinaw on 2022-10-07 12:05:29

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