Windy Street: The Lady with a Rose.

Windy Street: The Lady with a Rose.

Windy Street: The Lady with a Rose.

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Leicester Square, London, England, United Kingdom. Saturday 17th January 2015, around noon.

About the photograph.

With apologise to the lady in the photo, I have no idea what her name is. I did ask her for permissions to take photos and publish them, but I may have failed to ask her for her first name. If I did ask her, I may have failed to note down her name.

I was doing a photography project called Windy Street, as explained below, under the section heading of About the project.

She was the second person whom I approached, and asked if she have any objections to my taking photos of her for my project. She agreed and let me take the photos.

This was taken at approximately the north-east corner of the park at Leicester Square, in the background is the ODEON Luxe Leicester Square cinema.

I think she is a flyer / leaflet distributor, she was there to hand out leaflets about a show or an event, to members of the public. You can see what looks like leaflets or booklet in her hand. I believe she had that rose with her as part of an attraction, to draw attention to her.

At that time I took the photograph, it was a very cold weather, being in January. Here, you see she wears medium length fur coat fastened with buttons, a twisted scarf possibility made of wool, and ear muffins to keep her ears warm.

About the project.

The project called Windy Street, was to try to create some kind of an article about women’s winter fashion, focused on fur coats, with photos of real women as opposite to booked models.

The article was supposed to be a blog or a gallery, maybe try to get it published in a magazine or write a book about it.

The plan was to go to major cities like London, Birmingham, Cardiff, and anywhere like that. Go to main busy streets or plazas during the winter months. The aim was to be on the outlook for any women wearing a winter outfit including a fur coat, approach them, and explain that I’m a photographer doing a project.

I explained to them that I want to take photos of women whom are members of the public, not professional models. I explained that I wish to take photos of real life women wearing the outfits, to illustrate the reality of their fashion style.

Catwalk models may display an amazing looking outfit, but the design of the outfit often changes between the catwalk display to the actual production line. The project was to show the fur coats and the outfits as worn by members of the public, rather than as worn by catwalk models or professional models. To showcase the difference between design stage, adverting, and reality.

On that day of the photographs, I was in London. The first person I approached was a couple, a guy and a woman in a cream coloured fur coat. I told her about my project and asked her for permissions to take photos of her. She agreed, and I even asked the man who was with her, if he would not mind being in the photo too, he even agreed.

The Lady with the Rose, or the Rose Lady, was the second person I approached.

But at that time in 2015, I struggled with the project. Part of the reason was my self-confidence was down, but the main reason was because I was a busy full-time single parent and full-time carer. It was often difficult to get the ex-wife to agree to have both of the kids for the day, so I could go and do photo-shoots.

My project kind of stalled at first, then I kind of put it on the back burner while I do other projects, finally decided to shelf the project.

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