Winning Your Girlfriend’s Heart Back – Surprising Techniques to Regain Her Love

Winning your girlfriend’s heart back is often an overwhelming endeavor. It’s one that many men attempt though and unfortunately, not all succeed. Getting an ex girlfriend back isn’t as simple as telling her you love her and sending her a lovely bouquet of roses. You likely already know that. There are so many emotions bouncing around after a relationship ends and unless you understand how to maneuver your way around hers, you’re going to end up alone and without her in your future. Luckily there are some techniques that any man can turn to when he wants to rekindle a lost love. The two key components you need to always keep in mind are to be patient and understanding. These will help you endlessly when you’re trying to reconnect with a woman from your past.

There’s a tremendous amount of expectation that comes after a break up. The person who ended things is expecting a deluge of messages and sorrowful phone calls from their ex. This is really par for the course and since your girlfriend is anticipating it, you need to be wary of delivering on that. She doesn’t want to be put in the uncomfortable position of having to deal with you when you’re that emotional. Give her a break and don’t do it. If you feel the need to call her up to share what you’re feeling, write her a letter instead and then don’t send it. You obviously need an outlet for everything you’re experiencing emotionally but it’s not right to direct all that at her. It can damage things between you two to the point that it’s beyond repair. So, the first technique is to control what you’re feeling.

The next technique for winning your girlfriend’s heart back is to start living your life again. It’s hard to pick up the pieces and move forward when you’re completely crazy about your ex, but there’s a reason behind this jewel of advice. In order to regain your girlfriend’s interest you have to show her that you’re desirable. You’re not going to be able to accomplish that if you’re spending all your time at home alone, mourning the loss. You need to be vibrant, dynamic and fun. Go out with friends. Jump back into the social scene. Start mingling again and enjoy your life. Once your ex hears about this, she’ll feel a little sting of regret. She’ll start to wonder why you seem so okay with things and it will make her see why she was attracted to you in the first place. Everyone wants to be around positive people, so make it clear, to her and everyone else around you, that’s exactly who you are.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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