Yotsuya Alpha beta (Nana ANZAI)

Yotsuya Alpha beta (Nana ANZAI)

Yotsuya Alpha beta (Nana ANZAI)

“Yotsuya Alpha beta”

Graduate Work 2010, Tokyo University of the Arts, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of Animation

Director:Nana ANZAI
Sound Design:Masayuki MOMO
producer : Mitsuko OKAMOTO

The Yotsuya Alphabet story tells of a girl caught in a surreal world with the use of Japanese characters. The story is about the girl who lived in the town call Yotsuya wonder around the surreal world. Eventually she melted down and become part of the Yotsuya town. Is the town real, or just in her imagination?

© 2010 Nana ANZAI & Tokyo University of the Arts

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