Zarephath Missions – India Update

Zarephath Missions – India Update

Zarephath Missions – India Update

Poverty and unemployment are the greatest problems in India. Their per capita income of the average person in India is very small and many people live under the poverty level. There are currently more than eleven million abandoned children in India, where a growing number of newborn babies are being dumped anonymously in cots placed outside orphanages. About 90% of those abandoned are baby girls (whose dowries will put unbearable financial burdens on their parents leaving their mothers unable to afford to keep them).

If girls are not abandoned, they might be killed soon after birth or married off at the age of nine years old to a man 30yrs older than them. The daughters that are kept by their families are normally considered a burden, and hence, are neglected. Many are not sent to school, being forced to labour 12 hours per day for a meagre sum. We first had the plight of these dear girls revealed unto us around 20yrs ago, by Brother Pappy Daniel as he started out on his mission in providing abandoned orphans with the love & warmth of Jesus Christ!! Since Pappy’s first visit to the UK in the early 80’s, he has not only become a personal friend of Julie, but also partner in missions.

We at Zarephath Ministries are committed to financially support the work of the Light of Hope Mission. We have regular contact to monitor the spiritual progress of the mission programmes, and offer any assistance that is required.

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